Weekend Update

Blog posts have fallen by the wayside this week. I returned home to soggy Brisbane after 2 1/2 weeks at my parents’ place whilst my husband was overseas. I’d scheduled a few posts before I went away, and naively thought I’d be able to write some posts in the evenings after the kids went to bed. What was I thinking?

Bub didn’t go to sleep before 10pm most nights and by then, I was exhausted after full days of catching up with old friends, single-parenting (hats off to those who do it all the time!), and getting up to the toddler multiple times some nights. It was great to have a couple of extra sets of hands with my family, but being in someone else’s house meant much more closely watching what the toddler was up to. So it’s great to be home with hubby back! But heart-breaking to see some of the flood damage all around our area.

So please check out the flood auctions organised by Toni from Make It Perfect close tomorrow (Monday) night, with more on Facebook coordinated by the Oz Material Girls. Some of the raffles have been extended to Wednesday. All proceeds go to the Premier’s Disaster Relief Fund.

The plan is to get back into my word of the year – ROUTINE – this week. I think we all need it. It’s my boy’s second birthday today so time to head back to play with the new toys!

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