Help for all things Homemaking

Do you consider yourself a homemaker? Have you mastered all things homemaking?

I’ve never really considered myself a homemaker, but well, I guess I am the glue holding this house together. There are a million and one little things that I do that help the house run smoothly (ha! somewhat smoothly!).

I’m a long, long way away from mastering homemaking (whatever impression this blog may give you). I regularly go to bed with dirty dishes on the stove, toys scattered throughout the house, and a long list of things that just didn’t get done.

I’m always on the look-out for tools to help me control the chaos, and this week only, an AMAZING bundle of homemaking books is available:

I can hear your freaking out – where am I going to find time to read 97 eBooks? I can’t even find time to make the bed. Yes, this is a huge bundle, but not every book is going to be relevant to your needs right now. The topics include:

  • Home & Property {Cleaning, Organizing, Decor}
  • Educational Children’s Resources
  • Budgeting {Finance & Time}
  • In the Kitchen {Recipes and Cooking}
  • Pregnancy & Baby Care
  • Holidays & Special Events
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Marriage & Romance
  • Motherhood
  • Health & Fitness
  • Beauty
  • Working from Home & Blogging
  • E-courses

Along with another $140 of bonus offers (some only available in the US).

Personally, I’m well passed the pregnancy and baby stage and I’m not a spiritual person, so those don’t interest me. I already own “One Bite At A Time”, which is an excellent resource in chipping away at the jobs you know you should be doing.

Hare are the books that caught my eye are – I’ve either wanted to read them in the past but struggle with finding the budget for eBooks, or that really spark my interest:

I’m sure my husband will also be pleased with “Kitchen Stewardship in the Big Woods: Family Camping Handbook”. (Yes, I have actually purchased this bundle for myself.) So in that small list alone, I’ve more than covered the $29.95 cost. Plus more books and bonuses that I’m sure I’ll find interesting.

Will I actually find time to read all of the eBooks? I’m loading them on my Kindle so I can read in small bites when I get the chance. One of the great things about eBooks. I like to have something to read before going to sleep each night.

Check out all 97 homemaking titles here – a great resource list and a bargain price. The deal ends at 11:59 p.m. (US) EST on May 4th.

What are your biggest homemaking struggles?

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