Sweeping vs Vacuuming/Hoovering

I’ve just had a personal epiphany. I’ve discovered a foible about myself that I never realised I had. I hate the thought of sweeping. I’ve been putting off sweeping the downstairs of my house (and upstairs for that matter) for at least a month, and things were looking pretty crumby. This morning, I told myself […]

Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is one of those jobs that always sounds intimidating, but when you get into it, isn’t really that hard. I make my own window cleaner – not because I’m anti-chemicals, not because I’m trying to be “green”, but just because I’m stingy (or should I say thrifty). I don’t see any point in […]

7 Tasks to do NOW to save time later

Everyone has those little tasks that they know they should do straight away/regularly to avoid creating a mountain of effort down the track. Here are some of mine: Sweep the front porch – Less leaves and dirt tracked through the house means less effort sweeping and mopping. Bonus: it’s nice to have a tidy entrance […]

Morning Routine

As I’ve said previously, I’ve fallen into a bit of a hole with cleaning at the moment. My first goal in getting the cleaning happening again is to get back into a morning routine. I have a 14 month old son, so my routine works around his sleep patterns. He normally wakes up at around […]