New Recipe – Cherry Ripe Cheesecake friends had a birthday party last Saturday where everyone brought along a curry. I know the host of the party isn’t much of a baker, so I asked if I could bring a dessert along instead (I love desserts and knew there would be more curry there than we could possibly eat!).

I was going to make a Malteser cheesecake, after I couldn’t find a Malteser cake recipe that I know is in one of my magazines (I must find a better way to index the recipes in my magazines!). When I told my husband what I was going to make, he said “Yuck, I hate maltesers” (the things you find out after you’ve been married 7 years!), and asked me to make a Cherry Ripe one instead, so I found this recipe from Australian Woman’s Day.

Now, this is only the third cheesecake I’ve made in my life. The first one (when I first moved out of home) was a disaster as I didn’t soften the cream cheese and it was lumpy. I don’t know why, but I decided I needed to make a cheesecake. I know you shouldn’t try new recipes at dinner parties, but I can’t help myself.

The Process
The recipe was easy enough to follow, but with a few comments:

  1. I greased my springform tin and lined the bottom with baking paper. I’ve had disasters trying to get the bottom of the springform pan off in the past and this made it much easier.
  2. I crushed my biscuits in a freezer bag by rolling a rolling pin over it. The freezer bag got a few holes in it, and next time, I think I’ll use a zip lock bag, which should be a bit sturdier. I would have used my food processor, but my boy was napping, and it always wakes him up.
  3. For Step 4, you can not possibly use a small bowl. You need a normal sized mixing bowl. Also, I couldn’t really get the cream cheese to beat by itself, even though it was soft, but I just gave it a really good beating after mixing the Cherry ripe/cream mixture in.
  4. I considered not adding the food colouring, but it really did make the colour of the filling much more vibrant.
  5. It took me about 45 minutes making the base and 20 minutes making the filling, although I did stuff about putting the base into the pan, trying to get it even and perfect, and probably could have done it quicker.
  6. A little bit of the base got stuck to the side of the pan (see picture). You couldn’t really tell, but I should have been more careful running a knife along the edge of the pan before opening it up.

How easy was the recipe to make?
It was a straightforward recipe, with only a few steps, but did dirty a few bowls and saucepans.

Did the end result look like the picture?
Yes, here it is:

How did it taste?
Yummy! It all got wolfed down at the party (and the beaters got well-licked when it was made too).

Would I make it again? Would I make any changes?
Definitely, it’s a great cafe-style special treat dessert. Next time, I’d only make half the amount of base (or maybe even a bit less) and only line the bottom of the pan. Although the base did taste nice, I’m not really a fan and it was a bit much for me.

What’s your favourite cheesecake recipe? What dessert would you take to a dinner party?

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    Hi,just stopping to say hi from the blogging party. I love your cheesecake. It looks very delicious!!

  2. Thanks for participating in the cheesecake link-up! Have a wonderful weekend!