Boy Knits Giveaway CLOSED

It’s Giveaway Day at Sew Mama Sew, and I thought I’d join in the fun!
Up for grabs is a selection of interlock fabric in boy prints. I picked these up at my local Spotlight store, and have used them for raglan T-shirts for Little Man here and here.


Technically, they’re my scraps, but well, I bought heaps so each piece is half a yard long, with varying widths as described below (and I still have more leftover for me!). All fabric is pre-washed.

image Choo Choo Train
– 18” (45cm) long x 32” (81cm) wide
(Note: this is not selvedge to selvedge and is not a straight cut on one side)
image Crazy Safari (not sure why there are dinosaurs there)
– 18” (45cm) long, 30” (77cm) wide
image Scary Monsters
– 18” long (45cm), 38” (97cm) wide

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Here’s how to enter:

  • Leave a comment telling me what the favourite toy is of the Little Boy who’ll benefit from this fabric.
  • Only ONE comment per person
  • Be very sure that either: a) email is enabled on your profile OR b) leave your email address in your comment so I can contact you if you win. If a winner is chosen and no contact information is provided, a new winner will be chosen.
  • Winner will be selected at random.
  • Entries are open INTERNATIONALLY and will close at 12PM on 26th May, Australian Eastern Standard Time.

Good luck!



  1. My Little Man’s favourite toy would be a toss up between his Pumpkin Patch teddy ‘Oscar’ for night time and his Tonka dump truck for daytime.

  2. Christie says

    I sew for 3 little men and 1 girl, and I never have enough boy fabric on hand, so this giveaway is perfect. The trees on our property are my guys favourite playthings; endless play opportunities.
    Thanks for the chance to win, I have been enjoying your blog since I started following a few weeks ago.
    Cheers, Christie

  3. Favorite toy…mud.

    Love the fabrics!

  4. I have two boys. One has obsession for CARS and the smaller one loves everything that is packed in the BOX and the fun is to take it out 🙂
    And for the giveaway – I would love love love to get these materials, cause it’s so hard to find boy’ish printings amongst all these flower and other girl stuff on the materials…

  5. My son Admiral’s favorite toy is his train. Its a little wooden train set that me and my husband made together and the lil one just LOVES it.
    I would LOVE to get any of these fabrics, we’re at the stge now with him where its getting harder to find fabrics that he would like without them being too babyish and these are prefect!
    thanks for being part of the giveaway!

  6. Peach Rainbow says

    I think one of my nephews would love something made of these!
    Thanks for the chance 😀

  7. There is a new baby in the family so he’d benefit from these sweet fabrics. Thanks!

  8. Wow! So much fun that someone is giving away boy fabric!
    My son’s favorite toys are soap bubbles and his little blue doll stroller 🙂

  9. says

    the little boy I’d use this for is my 7yo nephew who is totally into transformers at the moment. That’s his favourite toy. And he LOVES that I make stuff for him!

  10. I would make something for my cousins little boys with this. They are just crazy about Toy Story toys, cars and anything that makes a noise!

  11. the frog princess says

    I’ve just learned how to sew with knits! Perfect timing! My little one is into anything that can be chewed! Favourite might be a stuffed bunny. 🙂

  12. Minimanuals says

    My boy’s favourite toy… is not easy to choose becouse he love lots of them but mabe his motorbike!

  13. Mommy en France says

    My little guy would LOVE this fabric and I am feeling ready to tackle knits for the first time. Although his favorite toy is a firetruck, he’s also mad about dinosaurs and cars. Thanks for the giveaway.

  14. Little Man 1 loves his cars, while the littlest man loves his toy tiger 🙂

    diannelovelock AT

  15. Rhiannon says

    gorgeous fabrics! my son is one and could really benefit from having some boy things sewn for him (his sister gets too much!) his fave toy is a monster truck. no noises, no batteries just a big plastic monster truck that he pushes around for ages! so it’s my favourite too!

  16. Thank you for the opportunity to win, and thank you for opening this contest internationally! (I am in the UK). I have 2 boys–my youngest loves all his toy cars and trains, and my oldest loves all his puzzles.

  17. I have some preggy friends, one is defo a boy, so I would make s’thing that would become his fave once he appears:)
    Thx for the chance to win!

  18. Sincerely, Sara says

    Cute stuff! My son’s favorite toys right now are his cars!


  19. Catherine says

    My little boy’s favorite is a blue elephant. The safari print has a blue elephant so it would be a great match.

  20. My boy’s favourite toy is anything Lego….he just loves it, but is not so good at keeping it tidy!

  21. Nugglemama says

    My boy’s favorite toy is a car by far!

  22. Way cute fabric! My son’s favorite toy is a ball, any ball, every ball!

  23. My little son has only just turned 2. His favourite toy is his sherrif hut (think boy version of a wendy house!)

  24. Wow, love the fabric. It’s so hard to get any boy print knits where I live. My son’s favourite toy seems to change hourly…but he loves his dinosaurs and dragons (yes, we have several of each!).

  25. My 2 year old loves his guitar. Oh how I miss spotlight, I was in there all the time when I lived in Oz, we don’t have anything like it in England 🙁

  26. My little boy loves playing in the dirt and currently he’s playing with his feet. He’s a funny kid.


  27. Very fun giveaway! My boys LOVE LOVE everything Star Wars! (thanks to their daddy!) 😉 You got a new “liker” on facebook here! Happy Giveaway Day!

  28. My almost 4 little boy loves his fire truck. Great fabrics, thanks for the chance to win!

  29. My 8 month old godson is just learning to crawl—so his favorite “toy” is whatever he shouldn’t have in his mouth!


  30. My 3 year old is in need of some cozy summer playing/lounging/sleeping shorts and tanks. This fabric looks awesome for all of the above. He is really into his wooden train set lately.

  31. My little boy is 4. Isn’t the worst trying to find cute boy fabric? You did a terrific job finding some and it’s great to stock up when you do! Little Logan’s favourite toy is his bubble lawn mower. He follows his daddy around when it’s lawn mowing time and it’s the most super cutiest thing ever to behold!

  32. My little man is two months old so no fav toy yet. I love the fabric.

  33. Auntie Em says

    Any toy tractor that is green!

    eesuiter (at) hotmail (dot) com

  34. Wow, lovely fabrics 🙂
    My youngest son’s favorite toys are little people, playmobil and soap bubbles 🙂

  35. My toddler’s favorite toys are cars right now, my little one’s favorite toy is Sophie the giraffe and stacking rings!

  36. Thanks for the chance to win. I have two boys, my youngest though who is 9 loves tigers, and sharks. He has a couple of soft tigers that he always has around him. Boys are so cute.

  37. Homemaker Honey says

    My nephew loves trains!
    G’Day! I’m here for the Sew, Mama, Sew Giveaway Day! Please visit me, too:

    Homemaker Honey
    homemakerhoney @gmail .com

  38. Our wooden castle! Thanks for the chance! thurbs8(at)yahoo(dot)com.

  39. I don’t know that Emanuel has a favorite toy yet…he is only 5 weeks old.

  40. james and bess says

    fabulous fabric! my boys love their legos. 🙂

    jbknav at hotmail dot com

  41. These are great. My little guy’s favorite toy right now are his sand buckets and a big rubber ball. He love playing outside.

    mindfulhome at gmail dot com

  42. Nanbon44 says

    my little guy is my grand son Morris, and he loves trains, but lately he has been having me make the Monsters for him…

  43. My guy is still too young but he loves his choo choo train (a little train that plays music) and his tiny piano (which also plays music so I guess that’s his thing). Thanks for this 🙂
    XO from athens

  44. Ronny and Carla says

    It’s a toss up between cars and lego 🙂

  45. My little guy loves any toy he can put in his mouth – he is 7 months old!

  46. This little boy love (LOVES!) Thomas the Train.

  47. Jen@thecraftingfiend says

    the little boy does not yet have a favorite toy – since he is 1monh old.

  48. NinjaEema says

    Anything that has wheels and can be used to pretend it’s a car.

    limor477 at aol dot com

  49. pianomama says

    My little man just turned three and LOVES elephants – any elephant he can find! Don’t know why – only elephants in our neighborhood are at the zoo:)

  50. My nephew’s favorite toy is a car….he carries it with him everywhere. I am pregnant and will find out in a few weeks whether we’re having a boy or girl…who knows, maybe this could be used for something for my new baby! 🙂 Thanks!

  51. My little guy is just learning to crawl, so his favorite toy is…the floor!

  52. Danielle says

    my oldest boy it loving bey blades and my middle loves anything toy story 3 plus a well loved and worn alien softy i made for him when he was a newborn… daniellehevers(at)hotmail(dot)com

  53. My nephew loves all kinds of floating bath toys. Thanks for the chance to win. I am a new follower.

  54. My little dude’s current favorite toy is the little backhoe his grandma gave him – he loves construction equipment of all kinds. Choo choos are also near the top of his list, so the train fabric would be a big hit!

  55. My boy loves his little ninja softie I made a little while ago.

  56. My little man loves dinosaurs

  57. I love the Radio Flier wagon. It is so classic and great for lugging stuff around.

    Lindsay.Forgette at gmail dot com

  58. My little guy LOVES diggers and trucks, as well as birds and dogs! I would LOVE this fabric for him. 🙂

  59. My grandson’s favourite toy changes from time to time, but it is likely to be a little car or truck or a superhero action figure. Except of course for his bike, that’s his favourite. Thanks for a chance to win the fabric.

  60. My 3 month old son’s favorite toy are his lips! He knows to just get my attention that he needs to blow noisy spit bubbles! (email

  61. That’s great fabric. I can’t find anything like that for my little boy locally. His favorite toy right now is a little pull cart. He loves anything with wheels, and can spend hours in the back yard spinning the wheel on our wheelbarrow. Thanks for the giveaway! scarletteandcinnamon(at)gmail(dot)com

  62. All Things Beautiful says

    My little man loves his trains. He plays with them nearly everyday.

  63. smooze13 says

    My son is currently obsessed with trains… thomas.

  64. Oh my little fella loves his teething rings right now!

  65. Melissa @ Happy Quilting says

    My little guy can not get enough of the Hot Wheels.

  66. My two year old’s favorite toys are his wooden trains. He’s obsessed. We read about and talk trains all day long. Thanks!

    I’m also hosting a giveaway at

  67. I have two boys in mind! Favorite #1 – a whozit doll (they call it rudolph) and #2 – a light saber

  68. 3 boys…
    balls, anything long enough to poke things with, and books for the big (4) one!

    🙂 Plenty of uses for boy knits here!

    RP from BBC {at} gmail {dot} com

  69. I would make something for my cousin’s son…he LOVES his foam swords! jinglesells at gmail dot com

  70. My little Monster loves his stuffed animals. His current favorite is a frog/monster/thing that his Dad and I made him at Build a bear.

  71. My little buddy is only 2months old so his favorite toy is his monster rattle.

  72. The little ones favorite right now is the swing set. Loads of fun!

  73. I will use these on my girl! And, her current favorite toy is a bunny!

  74. My boy loves an empty roll from wrapping paper! So easy!

  75. Sorry my first post went crazy….My oldest little boy loves his rake and shovel ste just like daddies. My youngest loves some baby paper I made. I love your twirly skirt pics. Look like you were really having fun with it. I also really like the crochet cardigan …now I just need to learn to crochet. Also new follower here!


  76. My peanut is just 6 months old… so no favorite toy yet. Hopefully when he gets a little older he’ll love one of the many toys I’ve knit and sewn for him.

  77. *gasp* I love interlock knit! My boy is only 5 weeks, so the only thing he is obsessed with right now are my breasts! hahaha….
    I’d love these to make some much needed cloth diapers!

  78. My son’s favorite toy is his new basketball hoop.

  79. I LOVE the fabric! My 20 month old’s favorite toy is his Tonka dump truck. I was browsing at a thrift store with him near my feet, and I heard a squeaking sound. I looked down and realized he was pushing a big metal truck away from me, heading for the front of the store. I had to catch him and pay for it, and he cried gigantic tears until he had it in his hands again (I guess he thought the cashier was taking it to keep). The kid seriously pushes the truck around and around our living room, takes it outside and pushes it on the sidewalk and the grass, and takes it with him in the sandbox. He’s tried to take it in the bath before, and I’m sure if it was cuddly, he’d take it to bed with him too!
    LauraL444 at yahoo dot com

  80. sweet limes says

    Do you know how refreshing it is to see something for a boy on here? Not your blog, but the giveaway? My son has two bears, aptly named Blue Bear and Brown Bear. He’s not quite 3 and they have been with him since he was tiny so they are his best buds and they do so many cool things with him. Besides them though it’s all about dinosaurs, did you know they like cheerios and playing in mud puddles and going on bike rides? An adventurous bunch those dinos.


  81. My nephew Cannon will be the lucky one to get something made from these. Every since in robot themed birthday party he love them and has a bunch that do all sorts of things.

  82. Right now my little guy is 3 and he is really into puzzles and making forts.
    Thanks for the chance!

  83. his favorite toy is his “lookers” binoculars.

  84. my oldest boy’s favourite toy is a car…any car, but the more exhausts the better! My little boy who is 2 on wednesday just loves whatever his big brother loves and so it’s also a car!!

  85. What great prints! Thanks for a fab giveaway.

    I have two little boys. The youngest is obsessed with Hot Wheels cars while the older one has been carrying around a (clean & dry) avocado pit. He talks to it and takes it to bed!

  86. Today my 3-year-old wanted nothing more than to be a spider. So I created a spider costume on the fly with leftover fleece and hot glue (sewing machine is in the repair shop at the moment). So, for today, his favorite toy is his makeshift spider costume. Who knows what tomorrow will bring!

    By the way, as a mother of a couple of CRAZY boys, I am really, really enjoying reading all the answers. Great idea for the comments. Thank you!

  87. Laura@Corner House says

    I have 3 little boys who will probably be benefiting from this. My 5 year old is Wii obsessed. My 3 year old is wii obsessed and my 1 year old’s favorite toy is his brothers. During non Wii hours they all love dinosaurs and knights.

  88. My son has a beany baby snake that goes everywhere. It’s grimy and smells, but he loves it so I do too.

  89. I would use the fabric to make a quilt for an orphan in a foreign country through our church ministry – don’t know his favorite toy. Thanks for the chance!

  90. I’m having my first baby boy in July & i love these fabrics! He doesn’t have a favorite toy I would love to use this fabric to make him some fun stuff! Thanks so much!

  91. Lovely fabric!

  92. B’s favorite toys are Poley, Badgy, and Stripey: his polar bear, badger, and tiger friends. He takes them everywhere and even plays limbo with them! LOL. Love him. 🙂

  93. Can’t name a toy . This would be a project linus quilt!

  94. My son’s favorite toy is probably the 12″ G.I. Joe action figure my son pulled out of his parents’ attic so that our kiddo could play with it too!

  95. Sharleen says

    Love this fabric! Wish I could tell you the favorite toy but he won’t arrive till Sept! 🙂

  96. My son’s favorite toy is Brio Train Set. Thank you for the great giveaway!

  97. Well i have many little boys in my life that might benefit from this fabric. My two boys favourite toys are helicopters and my oldest boy is obsessed with army men and buzz lightyear and dinosaurs. All my nephews well – all sorts.

  98. His favorite “toy” lately is his belly button! I guess it’s not technically a toy, but he can’t quit playing with it and it’s even an innie – I don’t get the attraction? BOYS!

  99. So hard to find nice boy fabric…little’s favorite toy right now would be his dinos!

    leosmomma at live dot com

  100. My son’s current favorite is his “laptop” (aka Leapfrog). He loves to sit with it and look very busy like his mommy and daddy do at their computers. 🙂

  101. karamino says

    My smallest boy now 6 month so everythıng around are toys) and for my older boy – Ben 10 and all this 10 strange creatures)))
    Thank you!

  102. Charlotte says

    Thomas wooden trains and track are played with numerous times per day by both of my little men.

  103. A little wooden train of letters…they all hook together and roll. Love them! Thanks for the giveaway…super cute fabrics!

  104. My boy’s favorite toys are his Legos. Duplo legos, since he’s just four.
    I love the boy fabric! Thanks for the give-away!

  105. What a sweet giveaway – those fabrics are adorable!

    My little guy’s favorite toy is whatever his older sister is playing with at the moment. Or his little wooden truck, depending on his mood. xo

    meg AT bflomama DOT com

  106. Thank you for the great giveaway. It’s lovely.

    atchisonsteph at gmail dot com

    His toy is a stuffed dragon that he carries around everywhere

  107. There’s dinosaurs because it’s a *crazy* safari.
    I’d make something for my little one, he gets far too many hand me downs. His favourite toy lately are dress up clothes. He just went to bed in his train engineer hat!
    I’m totally loving all this blog hopping and giveawaying! So fun.

  108. rockgranny says

    My youngest GS is BIG dino fan, it would be nice to make q new quilt for him, thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win

  109. My boys love playing with balls and puzzles

    Thanks for the great prize!

    violet_bg1 at yahoo dot co dot uk

  110. favoritemistake says

    The little boy who this would be for doesn’t have any favorite toys.. yet! He is still in utero!

  111. Right now my boy’s favourite toy is Lego, but last week it was the huge remote controlled spider he got for his birthday – eeek!

  112. mellowpuff says

    It’s a soft toy giraffe… 🙂

  113. I would use this fabric for a quilt for my nephew! It’s tough to find cute fabric for boys out there! His favorite toy is his train set!

  114. Ana e os Vira Ventos says

    Hi, great giveaway!
    The favourite toy of the little boy are Hot Whells cars and tracks!

  115. My son has an adorable little transportation set with a plane, helicopter, excavator, & cars in bright fun colors!

  116. Well, I have a little girl – can I still win? I get tired of dressing her in pink and princesses sometimes and love the boyish fabrics you show. My girl is 2 and most likes her Fisher Price farm.

  117. JaideyBug says

    I don’t know what the favorite toy is because the momma that will be receiving it is still pregnant 🙂
    jacy468 at aim dot com

  118. My little nephew loves trains!

  119. missbossypants says

    My boy’s favourite toys are his toy dinosaurs, followed by a close second: my iPod (he plays with it, and leaves it everywhwere, and I can never find it!!!)
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  120. My oldest son’s favorite toys right now are his transformers. Honestly, I’m a bit burnt out on those. So I guess my favorite would be any toy that is NOT transformers 🙂

  121. says

    These fabrics are so funny! I would make something for my nephew he really is into trains so this would be perfect.

    Claudia x

  122. Edamommy says

    Boy fabric!!!! WOot!!

    Hmm – I’m guessing my youngest (who this fabric would be destined for, useage-wise) would probably call legos his favourite toys.

    Thank you for the lovely opportunity!

  123. my sons’ fav toy would be his dump truck

    radiyas at gmail dot com

  124. Crystal Arcand (3Stairs) says

    Well, I can’t tell you what his favorite toy is – he isn’t here yet! Sam is coming in late August. I expect he’ll like the typical boy toys like cars.

    crystalarcand (at) gmail (dot) com

  125. Sangeetha says

    My little guy loves his trains BRIO in particular

  126. Memories By Me says

    My son’s favorite toy has always been his Lego’s thanks for a chance to win!

  127. My little boy loves puzzles. 🙂

  128. Andreina says

    I have 1.5 year old twin boys and they are obsessed with choo choo trains!
    bunchofbees at gmail dot com

  129. I have a two year old boy who loves playing with cars…anything with wheels really. He loves it… I could make him a cute scrapy top or shorts with that….

  130. Favorite toy…not really a toy, more a tool, but he loves stools so he can “help” in the kitchen, look out windows, reach the bathroom sink (to make a mess!), etc.

  131. Stephanie Granite says

    He doesn’t go anywhere without his Woody doll, and I do mean ANYWHERE

  132. I have 3 boys #1 favorite toy is his mozart music cube
    #2 is my iphone (thats a toy right??)
    #3… anything he can shove in his mouth (he is 6 months old)

  133. Domestic Diva says

    Lovely! Thanks for the chance.

    My little guy likes blocks.

    lovelydomesticdiva (at) gmail (dot) com

  134. Amber H. says

    I don’t think my six week old son has any toys he likes yet, but he does enjoy his pacifier if he’s in the right mood for one!

  135. Thanks for the generous giveaway!
    Lovely… I hope I am the lucky one to win the fabrics 🙂
    Well, I do not a boy.. but if I have in future, I will make a car toy for him ^^

  136. hcvallad says

    My son’s favorite toy is definitely his light saber. A star wars nerd already….love it!!!

  137. His favorite toy is a knit stuffed lion he sleeps with every night.

    larissaesq at gmail dot com

  138. Heathery says

    My nephew’s favorite toy is the new motor car he got for his birthday a week and a half ago!
    myheehaw at hotmail dot com

  139. Treasuresofjoy says

    This would be for my cousins baby who isn’t born yet. I am making quilts for the twin babies that are due this winter!

  140. Well, I don’t know what his favourite toy is because he’s not here yet but I would love to make some cute clothes for my cousin’s baby (she’s due any time now)!

  141. Danielle says

    Right now my little guy is all about puzzles!

    reiner (dot) danielle (at) gmail (dot) com

  142. Nadilah Magee says

    Yay…boy fabric! My oldest son loves baseball and always dreaming becoming the next Time Lincecum someday, and my youngest one, loves CAR.

  143. Sarcastic Quilter says

    How fun! Currently, his favorite toy is the stuffed football his daddy gave him.

  144. Anything that can be banged on anything else!

  145. FireMummy says

    My little man loves his sock monkey that was made by a friend. 🙂

    mstrishy at gmail dot com

  146. Amanda Pedro says

    Nice fabrics. My boy is a little old for him and he likes lego at the moment. but my nephew is the perfect age for it. I’m sure I could sew something up for him.
    Thanks for sharing.
    I’m sharing too

  147. Simply EC says

    My oldest son’s favorite toy is any one of his Thomas trains at any given moment, so I’d have to say the train table in his room is probably his favorite. I think I could probably get rid of the rest of his toys and he’d be happy as a clam!


  148. My older son loves his ribbon blankie the best. 🙂 Other than that, he has a bunch of trains and cars that he rotates through. Thanks for the giveaway!

  149. Oh I am so excited you have boy fabric!! My son’s favorite toy right now is his bicycle. He just learned to ride (he is only 3!!) and he wants to all the time now.

  150. Favorite toy would have to be a remote control car. Thanks for the chance to win and this giveaway!



  151. MamaPPod says

    This would be for the 3 year old boy, who really loves cars (and Cars).

  152. Hippie Housewife says

    Love the fabric!!!

    My little boy is loving his “big boy” Lego lately. He still loves the Duplo too though!

  153. I have two little boys–one loves anything that moves and the other has a lovely that we fondly call buddy buddy! amy @

  154. Probably his toy dinosaurs would be his favourite.
    Love the fabric.

  155. my son has a couple favourites: he’s got his favourite stuffed animal, Dug-a jack russell terrier from build-a-bear(we’ve had to get replacements when our real dog has chewed off the eyes…), his TARDIS-doctor who toy, and then little plastic figure dogs. (he loves dogs and Doctor Who)

  156. My grand daughter would love these prints. It is hard to know whether her favorite toy is her large spoon that she uses as a shovel or her dump trucks:^)

  157. Legos. And a new baby on the way who could definitely benefit as well. Thanks so much for offering knits — they’re my favorite to work with, but finding good boy knits is even worse than wovens.

  158. Crystal Hendrix says

    Okay so my youngest….and then I guess with the rest of my boys….THOMAS THE TRAIN!!! We have all the trains!!

  159. kristinorth says

    Hot Wheels, of course! Thanks for a chance to win!

  160. La Chili says

    The fabric it”s really pretty!

    Have you seen this, it’s lots of fun.

  161. The boys that will be benefiting are my twins and their favorite toys right now is lego. They can spend hours constructing.

    Thanks for a chance to win your cute fabric!

  162. Living in La La Land says

    YAY for the boys!!!
    My sons favorite toy right now is Star Wars Legos!
    Thank you for the opportunity:)

  163. RyanSarahN says

    Love knits, thanks! My baby’s favorite toy is a little rubber bunny from Easter that he chews on.

  164. Adorable boy prints!!! My son’s fave toy is his train set!!!

  165. My little boy is glued to his football. It goes everywhere with him 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  166. Lovely fabric! thanks for the chance!

  167. Dinosaurs! Love the fabric!

  168. Stephanie and Carlos says

    Woohoo for crap fabric!! Bears fav toy is the truck pillow we made together from a pillow case… he also has the matching pj shorts hehehe

    xo Steph

  169. I have 4 little girls so this would be for m godson. Hs favorite toy is a giant superman doll. He loves it!

  170. Cute fabric choices. Thanks for the great giveaway. I would hae to say fav toy for one of the little boys would be anything star wars.

  171. TheStylishHome says

    My girlfriend has 2 boys…one 14 month old and the other 2 weeks. I would use the (dinosaur) safari for the older one and the trains for the younger one. The older one loves his stuffed monkey.

  172. My son’s favorite toy is anything that resembles a sword. Not my favorite – but we are rolling with it.


  173. My little guy’s favroite is a toy wooden bulldozer — a man’s little man!

  174. Amy Kirchhoff says

    Thanks for participating in the giveaway week. This one is fabulous! My bff’s son loves balls – footballs, golf balls, baseballs. All of them.

  175. My friend’s son is all about trains and zhu zhu hamsters.

  176. Michelle says

    My son loves his sketch book and colored pencils! Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  177. Daniel and Erin Palmer says

    Toy cars and balls (any kind) eatkin85 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  178. MJ/Sweetwater Cloth says

    My son is only 18m old, but is already in love with Hot Wheels cars! Especially the trucks, he never leaves home with out a few 🙂
    Thanks for the boy-fabric giveaway!!!

  179. My 1 yr old would benefit from this fabric! He doesn’t have a favorite toy as of yet, probably being outside and in the water! Thanks for the chance!

  180. My baby boy is still learning about the world but he loves the book, Mr Brown Can Moo, it makes him smile!!

  181. Nuts To You! says

    My little boy is only 5 months old, and as he is currently getting a tooth (we think), his favorite toy is a frozen washcloth:)

  182. Mike and Jackie says

    My little guy really likes his stick horse right now. he has a stuffed monkey that he makes ride it around as he yells “Yee Haw Monkey”

  183. jbrgeternity says

    Grandpa’s smallest fishing line was I think, from my mother’s account, my nephew’s favorite toy last week. He spent the week with them and went fishing almost every day. I have no idea what it is today though! Grandma will probably make him some really neat tops or pjs with that fabric! Thank-you for a super giveaway.

  184. free indeed says

    When little boy comes to visit, his favorite thing here is the toy tractors. Grandpa even has the real thing; and little boy loves to visit the barn…

  185. My sons favorite toy right now is a wooden spoon & wooden bowl. He uses it like a drum… constantly

  186. Ms Muffin says

    Favourite toy … hmmm … he has many toys he likes. I will say that his favourite is his stuffed toy cheetah as he will not go to sleep without it and it goes anywhere with him. 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway! Come and enter mine if you like – you could win some custom-made buttons!

    ulli-xox [at] web [dot] de

  187. So cute! My son love his Rescue Hero action figures right now. 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!
    okiedokiemama at yahoo dot com

  188. Hello from the Washington DC, USA area 🙂 I have a 3 year old boy who would flip over this fabric. (Ok, I’d flip higher if I could). His favorite toy is a bug box. He hasn’t used it yet, but it has been attached to his hip ever since he discovered that we are going on a big camping trip this summer with his cousins. The other toy he carrys around is his “elmo computer” which is not a computer but a Magna doodle in the belly of a plastic Elmo. He says he carries it around just in case he needs to take notes 🙂 Thank you for participating in the bloghop!

  189. I have 2 boys (ages 2 1/2 and 1). Right now their favorite boy toys are stuffed animals…I thought that came later but we let our 2 1/2 yr old watch Monsters, Inc (pixar) and he fell in love with Sully and from there he fell in love with Woody from Toy Story and Shrek and Donkey! So any stuffed animal I suppose! Thanks for the great giveaway and unique question! KEIRHAG at YAHOO dot COM

  190. Great boys knits! Ellison the Elephant stays by his side!

  191. Both my boys love blocks and cars and playdoh.

  192. My boy’s favorite toy is his T-rex.

  193. My boy’s favorite is his toy lawn mower with popping balls in it. I think he runs over my feet or into my heels every day :).

  194. My buddy (as I call him) is into cars and dinosaurs at the moment.


  195. The little boy that will benefit is my nephew who is 2. His most favourite toy is his woody and bullseye set. He is OBSESSED with horses, so when my sister (his mom) and I introduced him to Toy Story 2, he fell in love!!

  196. My nephew LOVES Thomas the train! Thanks for the giveaway!