As good as a holiday?

There are big changes happening here. No, not with the blog (although I am always fidgeting with that!), but in our household.

My husband is changing jobs, and it’s time to move, all the way to the other side of Australia (3606km or 2241miles to Perth, to be exact!). We’ll be close to family (for the first time since I moved out of home!), although it’s my husband’s family. It will be great for our kids to spend time with Granny and Pops, and extended family. We also have lots of friends in Perth, so it’s a happy move for our family.


All I can think of is the million and one things we have to do before and after we move: getting a house ready to sell, sorting through our worldly possessions, packing, moving into a rental, searching for a house to buy etc etc. We’ve done this before, but this time we’ll have two active,high-maintenance kids underfoot. Am I feeling stressed!

I also can’t help but feel sad, about the friends we’re leaving behind and that we are selling the home that we first brought our baby girl into. I know it’s easier to stay in touch these days, and we have our memories (and an enormous number of photos), but I still feel sad.

So crafting and blogging time is going to be at a bit random in the next 2 months or so. I’ve still got lots of projects to share, but finding the time (and energy) to blog is going to be a challenge.

Of course, once we’re settled I’ll have a whole new house to bring my personal touch to, and there’ll be lots more crafting! So please bear with me during this transition. I promise there will be lots more to come!


  1. I moved to Perth 1 year ago as well! 🙂 i love it here!! It is a huge thing moving so far (we moved from northern nsw when i was 30 weeks pregnant) but i’m sure it will all go well! 🙂

  2. Good luck with moving…it’s tough, but sounds like it will be worth it! Hang in there.