On the eve of the big move

We’re getting into the final stages of organising for the move. Most of the home repairs and maintenance tasks are done. We’ve sorted and purged, and clean and tidied. The kids had their last swimming lessons and one final play-date is scheduled.

Tomorrow, the house will be packed and the big truck will come the day after. We’ll have a couple of nights in a hotel before boarding a plane for Perth.

Things are starting to feel rushed and crazy, but we’re on the home stretch (well, for the Brisbane side of the move).

When we get to Perth, first we’ll be hunting for a house to rent, before finding (hopefully!) our dream home to buy. Internet access will be random so I don’t know how much blogging I’ll get to do. I’m hoping to write up all the projects I haven’t yet shared.

So please excuse the quietness here, but I’ve got lots more to come soon!

Does anyone have any last minute tips for me for the big move?