Palmolive Dishwashing Review and Giveaway – CLOSED

Let’s get the disclosure up front. Like most people, I avoid doing the dishes and put as much as I can into the dishwasher. But sometimes doing the dishes is unavoidable. When I was selected to review Palmolive Dishwashing liquids, I had to stop and think – what do I actually look for in a dishwashing liquid? This is what I came up with:

  1. Good suds that last (with only a small amount of liquid)
  2. Sparkly clean dishes with as little effort as possible – maybe an impossible dream.
  3. I get dermatitis on my wrist, so I want something that doesn’t irritate my skin.
  4. Finally, a nice fragrance makes a rotten job more pleasant, but nothing too overpowering.

I’m reviewing the Pomegranate and Anti-bacterial liquids from the Palmolive Ultra Dishwashing Liquid range. I left this saucepan (caked in pesto sauce, which clogs my dishwasher filter) and frypan (from chicken satay skewers) overnight. All in the interest of this review of course – not from poor housekeeping Winking smile.

Palmolive Dishwashing Review (7)

I got my water running nice and hot, then put in the plug and added the tiniest squirt of the anti-bacterial liquid. I was expecting to have to add a bit more to get some good suds, but I ended up with this:

Palmolive Dishwashing Review (5)

A lovely big mountain of suds, and a subtle lemon fragrance. The pesto pot went into the suds. I’d normally soak this pot for a while, but I got in there straight away, and was surprised how quickly it cleaned up. The pesto is oily and normally kills my suds, but I was left with this:

Palmolive Dishwashing Review (3)

The not-so-non-stick frypan went in and once again, I got stuck straight in with about 10 seconds soak. It wiped clean easily – no scrubbing or scratching with my fingernails. And the water looked like this:

Palmolive Dishwashing Review (2)

Some of the suds survived, but the water underneath was disgusting brown.

The anti-bacterial liquid claims to fight bacteria in your sponge for at least 24 hours. I’m not usually a fan of anti-bacterial products but kitchen sponges are one area where I don’t mind using it.

I had one more test: cleaning my Thermomix. I made a batch of butter and then Anzac biscuits, leaving a greasy film over the bowl and as well as dough bits:

Palmolive Dishwashing Review (6)

I half-filled the bowl of water and added a squirt of Pomegranate liquid and gave it a whiz for 10 seconds on maximum speed. (This also works well for blenders.)

Palmolive Dishwashing Review (1)

I usually scrub with a brush before tipping out the water, but thought I’d see how it looked just with the clean. There was a few flecks of dough on one side and small build up on the centre under the blade, but it easily wiped away and all the buttery-grease was gone.

The fragrance was a little sweet for my liking – it felt a bathroom smell, not a kitchen smell, but it wasn’t unpleasant.

I didn’t spend a huge amount of time with my hands in the suds, but my dermatitis was slightly itchy but not irritated.

So overall, the Palmolive Ultra Dishwashing Liquid surprised me with how well it did the job. The RRP is $4.99 for a 750ml bottle.

Would you like to try the Palmolive Ultra Dishwashing
Liquid in Pomegranate and Anti-bacterial? I have three packs to giveaway (to Australian addresses only – sorry!). To win, tell me in the comments what meal you dread washing up. The three comments that get the best reaction from me (horror, laughter, sympathy or otherwise, as judged by me) will receive the packs.

Competition closes Monday 28th January, 2013 at 6pm Australian Western Standard Time. Winners will be notified by email (please ensure your email address is linked to your profile or included in your comment).

Disclosure: I received free products to facilitate this review, and an administration fee from Digital Parents Collective to host the giveaway. As always, all opinions expressed are purely my own.

Edited to add: The giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Mum-me, Kim M and Mary P. Thanks all for entering!


  1. Mary Preston says

    Lasagna is a family favourite & while I do love to eat it…

    Well, there’s the meat sauce & the cheese sauce

    & the testing and tasting

    & then putting it all together & the baking dish & spag bowls & utensils.


    I blame the extra cheese. I really do.


  2. Your Cheeky Monkey says

    I bloody hate washing up any meal really. Except take-away. Take-away I have no problems with 😉

  3. babycakequeen says

    (S)ome chocolate in my kids mouths OH NOES,
    (U)nder a summer sun- it GOES,
    (M)y five year old so MESSY,
    (M)y two little ones thank goodness they weren’t DRESSY!
    (E)ating chocolate for dinner depsite the hot weather,
    (R)elaxing after the vigurous rubbing and cleaning all together!

    Sorry if you don’t think chocolate is a meal- you can call the 5 year old and she will set you straight xxx

    Amanda from Amanda’s Mummy Jeans xxx

  4. babycakequeen says

    oops Im on email

  5. It’s not a specific meal but I really dislike cleaning the slow cooker after using it. All that baked on goodness :-\

  6. Student Mommy says

    Egg – I hate dried egg!!!

  7. I dread washing up anything that won’t go in the dishwasher! Especially things like oven trays and pans used to roast things like capsicums to burning.
    As an aside, I did dread handwashing my xmas pressie juicer, but a few weeks into the new year and I have juiced every day and now have it down to a fine art. Well worth the effort too 🙂

  8. Kim maxwell says

    I hate cleaning up anything my husband has cooked! Today he made up two packets of jelly, he found my two biggest mixing bowls and used one to mix each jelly, then measuring cups, spoons, forks, cups to pour the jelly into, a tray to put the jellies on in the fridge, a jug to mix them in (I think, but then how did he dirty two mixing bowls for the same purpose???). Therefore, if my husband has cooked it, I would really rather not have to wash it up!!!

    Kim m

  9. The thing that I most dislike
    Is when the dreaded ‘cereal’ offenders strike
    Also known as my kids and hubby, I’m not joking
    They leave cereal bowls without them soaking
    Then I come along and spot the disaster
    And its like trying to scrape off adhesive plaster
    Hard as a rock, requiring lots of elbow grease
    It’s one thing that makes my heart rate increase!!!

  10. Miss Chronic says

    As much as I appreciate it when someone else does the cooking for a change, I absolutely HATE washing up after my gorgeous hubby has made a meal. No matter what it is he seems to cook he always manages to use every pot, pan and utensil that I own and their is always a teetering mountain of washing up waiting for me after I have enjoyed whatever delicacy he has produced!

  11. Lasagne, or anything that has that baked-on layer of crusty cheese around the top of the dish, is my nightmare to wash-up …. especially when it was hubby’s turn to wash up and he “forgot” that the baking dish (sitting there on the bench in plain sight) needed washed and the crusty layer got extra hardened overnight. Not a pretty sight to greet me first thing in the morning (and then my cranky face is not the pretty sight he wants to be greeted with first thing in the morning either!!)

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. My most dreaded wash-up horror
    Is the non stick pan holler
    My MIL fries tandoori chicken on
    My pans are non- stick none!
    They need the scrubbing with prickly scrub buds
    Have left my hands look like old grub nuts!

    Next comes hubby cooking oats
    He never listens, it needs a soak
    But oh no I’ll turn into a croak
    Till the message goes past this bloke!

    Ok so we have tea loves at home
    They fill up a huge tall thermos with tea foam
    But there is no brush long enough to reach
    the bottom, what a washing breach!

    My next biggest nightmare would be my teenage daughter
    Attempts to cook at ten and quarter
    Burnt pots and pans with oily food sticking on to them
    is a nightmare that I live through every Monday’s ahem!

    So until my MIL is staying with us
    Until my daughter learns to cook thus!
    I’ll have sparkling dishes with aching limbs
    Washing up and scrubbing the pan,
    is upto this bogey-mum, oh man~!
    UNLESS of course
    When I need to dish out power,
    Palmolive’s there at whatever hour!

    Thanks (

  14. I dread washing up after the kids have warmed up baked beans in the microwave..they leave them in there too long, they all explode everywhere and then by the time I have realised it has all dried and takes forever to scrub it clean!

  15. Sticky, slow-baked beef ribs – oh so yummy, sticky, sweet, smoky and falling-off-the-bone tender, but having to scrub that blackened, baked-on marinade off my favourite roasting pan is a 2-day nightmare of a job!

  16. Toffee- enough said. Sticks to the pan and practically feel like throwing it out. The other one is pasticcio because I end up with 3 large pots & about 1000 utensils by the time I’m finished cooking it (including 1 with burnt milk caked on the bottom of it).

  17. Mary Preston says

    THANK YOU!! About to email now.