Number 4 Birthday Cake

After making a Choo-Choo Train Cake, Teddy Bear Cake and Smiley Face cake, the pressure was on to keep up the standard in birthday cakes. (Why did I do this to myself?)

Months before his birthday, Jacob fixated on the Number 4 road cake Australian Women’s Weekly Kids’ Party Cakes cookbook (not surprising with his cars obsession!). He remembered this cake in graphic detail and wanted it exactly like the book. I tried my best:

Number 4 Birthday Cake (6)

We were visiting my family interstate for his birthday, so to make things easier, I used a packet cake mix (just used one packet – the book said use two but we were only feeding a small family gathering). The cake was baked in a rectangular lamington pan and divided into three long, skinny rectangles. These were trimmed to make the number 4.

Number 4 Birthday Cake (2)
(Photo of Australian Women’s Weekly Kids’ Party Cakes cookbook)

I smothered it in a batch of green buttercream (green is Jacob’s favourite colour and I liked that it looked like the roads were surrounded by grass). The book said to tint white ready-roll icing with black food colouring, but I found black buttercream fondant at a local kitchen supplies store – win!.

Number 4 Birthday Cake (3)

I bought the chocolate cars when I saw them at the supermarket before Christmas! Tic-tacs were used for lane markings. I set aside some signs and cones from Jacob’s toy collection before we headed on holidays, but somehow forgot to put them in the suitcase. We ended up buying more (just what I need – more toys to step on!) – at least this set included a boom-gate, which he loved!

Number 4 Birthday Cake (1)

I rolled the black fondant too thin, and on a hot day, it stretched as I transferred the strips to the cake, so the roads weren’t perfect (but still perfectly good for a 4yo’s cake).

Number 4 Birthday Cake (5)

The birthday boy loved his cake (but hated everyone singing Happy Birthday to him, hence the very angry look – he was yelling at us to shut up!).

Number 4 Birthday Cake (4)

So we had another happy birthday boy. I hope the cake’s don’t get any more complicated than this!

What was the last birthday cake you made?


  1. Student Mommy says

    Well done!!!! Really!!!
    My aunt made all our birthday cakes (my mom can flop a flop proof cake) and I recall almost all of them – I got a spider, a barbie doll dress, all sorts of cakes.

  2. I just came across your cake on Pinterest and I am seriously thinking of recreating it in a few weeks for my $ year old boy. I think this will be perfect!:)

  3. Lovely cake!
    Not only cute but also looks DELICIOUS!
    (here from SITS Sharefest)

  4. Visiting from Take a Look Tuesday. This is fantastic. I have just posted the cake I made today for my Jakob. Lego cake – not as professional as yours!

  5. this is really cute!

  6. Annaleis Topham says

    Great cake Narelle! I’m sure your son loved it! And also great find with the black icing. It’s always one of the hardest things to do!

    Thanks for linking up with #TUST

    Annaleis – Blogs and PR Team Member

  7. Yvette @ Little Bento Blog says

    WHAT AN AWESOME CAKE!!! Thank you for sharing how you made the fondant etc… I haven’t ventured into the world of fondant before.. but think I might have too!

    #ttut 🙂

  8. My grandkids would love this cake! It is too cut!

  9. That cake is awesome!!! I love that he is yelling at you to stop singing, hilarious!

  10. This is such a unique cake. Thanks for the idea.

    irene of Burien Plumbing

  11. Did you frost this on that silver board or did you move it onto the silver board? How did you make it look nice?

    • I frosted it on the board – all the pieces of cake would be really difficult to move without destroying it!! I wiped around the edge with a cloth first and then a wet finger to get really close to the cake. It was really hard to resist licking my finger while I was doing it!

  12. kate midelton says

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