Little Angel Peg Kit

As part of the goody bag for the Blogs and PR Perth meet-up last month, I received a Little Angel Peg Kit from Imogen’s Angels. The kit was all packaged up in a cellophane bag with all the bits and pieces needed to make a cute angel peg magnet:

Little Angel Peg Kit (1)

It included two dress options, a cute little face, crazy hair and “jewel” stickers to decorate her dress. The pieces are small and it’s fiddly to put all the pieces together, but you end up with an adorable angel.

Little Angel Peg Kit (2)

I will confess, I didn’t look at the picture too carefully, and put the ribbon loops on the wrong side, so her angel looks more like a loop and she doesn’t have the ribbon loop for her arms. (Maybe a picture of the end product on the instructions would have helped instead of just on the packaging – or maybe I’m just a bit thick!).

It’s a fun, quick craft and great for a school-age child (my 2yo and 4yo are a little too young – that’s why I got to have the fun!). Perfect for holding the shopping list or kid’s art work on the fridge.

Disclosure: I received free product as part of a Blogs and PR event, and was not required to review this product. All opinions are my own.