Dynamo Maximum Review and Giveaway – CLOSED

Dynamo sent me a sample of the new Dynamo Maximum to review. I’m a long time Dynamo user, so I was curious to see the maximised version, with even more cleaning power. Now that I have kids, I need all the cleaning power I can get! And just to prove I’m not pretending to be a Dynamo user, here’s what’s normally in my laundry along with the sample:

Dynamo Maximum (5)
(Yep, I’m a big fan of shopping in bulk!)

My kids must have known about this review because they kindly gave me a giant puke (mostly over Mum!), a nappy “number 2” leak and a set of wet bed sheets, along with the usual food spills (plus my kids like to wipe their hands and faces on their clothes), for testing purposes. AKA just another week with a 2yo and 4yo. (Sorry if that was too much information!)

Dynamo Maximum (2)

I also threw in another these extra challenges: the kitchen face washer (see above – which doesn’t get washed anywhere near as often as it should) and my scummiest tea towel (below), which is burnt from the hot pizza stone.

Dynamo Maximum (3)

Dynamo Maximum has top loader and front loader variants. I tested the front loader version. Two capfuls into the wash (which seemed like a lot compared to other liquids) and switch the machine on (with my usual settings of 30°C and Cotton and Linens).

Dynamo Maximum (4)

The result: clean, fresh smelling clothes, but not an overpowering smell (which I don’t like about a lot of powders). It’s a liquid, so no worries about undissolved powder on the clothes or wondering how well it’s distributed in the load.  The usual food stains were all gone, and no trace of the nappy leak. No smell of urine or vomit either. Yay – just what I look for in a laundry liquid. The kitchen wash cloth was looking renewed:

Dynamo Maximum (6)

It’s not a miracle maker though: my poor tea towel will never be the same, but it came out much cleaner than I expected (with no soaking or other pre-treatment)!

Dynamo Maximum Before After
I made sure the photo was the same section!

Dynamo Maximum is available in all leading supermarkets throughout Australia in 1L (RRP: $9.99) and 2L (RRP: $16.99) variants.

Dynamo Maximum 2L TL high res

Would you like to win a 2x2L bottles of Dynamo Maximum? I have 1x top loader and 1x front loader prize packs to give away. To enter, leave a comment below telling me the most embarrassing stain you’ve ever had to remove. Include whether you have a top loader or front loader. I’ll select my 2 favourite entries. Giveaway is open to Australian residents only (sorry!).

Entries close Friday 17th May at 4pm Western Australian Standard time. Winners will be notified by email and this blog post will be updated to included the winners names.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Dynamo and Digital Parents Collective.

Congratulations to Mary Preston and Sapna – the winners of the Dynamo prize packs. You’ve been contacted by email to arrange posting your prize!


  1. Bubfriendly Winnie says

    Too embarassing to even mention it too I think! I’m such an all over the place sleeper – although it has improved since becoming a mum, but I used to have stains all over the bedsheets whenever Aunt Flo visits 🙁 Heard somewhere that if you add a teaspoon of bicarb or baking soda to the stain as well as your normal washing detergent and soak it overnight it disappears – didn’t always work but has removed some of my embarassing stains!!! I am also a user and fan of Dynamo – sounds like the Maximum is just the one for us – especially with a 2 year old toddler now and another ‘bundle’ on the way!

    Thanks for the awesome review and running this giveaway!

  2. Annaleis Topham says

    Great review – we only use one washing powder because hubby is allergic to everything and this one doesn’t seem to make a difference – when I change we end up with an itchy man!

    Coming over from Blogs and PR

  3. Mary Preston says

    I do love to eat Spaghetti bolognese, but the sauce can be a drippy, saucy, staining nightmare.

    Many years ago I went out to an Italian restaurant with my future in-laws. I had the most delicious Spaghetti bolognese, & yes, I did end up with sauce down the front of my white shirt.

    It was the placement of the drips that made me want to die of embarrassment. It looks like my breasts were dripping blood.

    Quelle Horreur!!!

    (Top Loader)


  4. Kim maxwell says

    I used to hate doing the washing before they brought out the pads with wings, great invention they were, saved heaps of embarrassment, I think whoever invented them deserves a medal!

    (I have a top loader)

  5. I’ve never used a laundry liquid before … to answer your question, I don’t know about embarrassing but the WORST stain I ever had to remove was when my girl was in Year 1 and left a BLACK CRAYON in her uniform pocket (unbeknownst to me) – it went through the wash ok but then I chucked it IN THE DRYER! Oh Mr Hart what a mess! I guess it was embarrassing because it proved I don’t check pockets when I do laundry! Via #TUST

  6. mum to 2 boys says

    I have lots of embarrassing stains now I am a mum to two kids 9 months and 2 years little hands just seem to go to the wrong places.

  7. mum to 2 boys says

    I use a front loader washing machine.

  8. stakky32 says

    Since having kids and a hubby who works in a concrete plant I’ve had to remove a variety of stains from clothes and the such, but the most embarassing – and stupidest – stain was purely my own fault…I’d left a red pen in the pocket of my grey work pants and it leaked…

  9. stakky32 says

    Forgot to add that I use a top loader 🙂

  10. Jasmine1485 says

    A dribble of chocolate topping from a sundae, in a lovely brown line right down the middle of my chest. After much soaking, scrubbing and spraying, I ended up squirting bleach all over it and making it look sort of tie-died. Hey, I still got a lot of use out of it!

  11. Mustard powder stain is the worst stain i have ever seen. I still remember last month i was wearing my new pink top and cooking lunch in the kitchen. As i was adding mustard powder to the dish by mistake i spilled the jar of mustard powder on my new top in the waist area. I shaked it as much as i can but when i washed my top the stain became more dark in colour and even after scrubbing it i could not remove it.Now i wear that top at home only and always make sure to wear a apron while cooking…

    Front loader please.