Help! What to make?

I recently ordered some fabrics from and since I’m shipping to Australia, I needed to fill a box to get best value for shipping! As I was poking around, I saw some “team” fabrics and thought my brother loves the Boston Celtics. I should see if they have Celtics fabric. Not much chance of finding that here in Australia!

So a quick search came up with this:

Boston Celtics Fabric

The fabric is broadcloth and I have no idea what I should make with the yard I bought. I’ve previously made him pot-holders, so I don’t think I should do that again. Shorts would probably be a bit over the top, and I bought him pyjama pants a few too many times in the past as well. I don’t think he’s a throw cushion kind of guy. (Oh, he’s almost 40, but is a bit of a Peter Pan…)

So what does that leave me? A pillow case? Maybe a little ottoman/foot stool?  What are your suggestions?


  1. Napkins W/matching placemat
    Adult bib if he’s a sloppy eater

  2. You’ve made him pot holders, which implies he likes cooking. How about a (masculine) apron? For S&G’s you could try your hand at a chef’s hat as well.


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