Slow start to the New Year

It’s been a funny old start to 2014 here in the house of Cook Clean Craft. I started the year with a bang, all motivated with personal resolutions. Less coffee and more yoga had me full of energy for 2 or 3 days, and then it all came crashing down.

My whole body was sore, my back and neck stiffened up and a monster headache set in (not sure if that was due to the neck or caffeine withdrawals). The kids were on school holidays (actually still are until next week) and the heat waves started. 

On top of that, I started an online photography course (which I’m loving!) and continued an online course through Harvard on the Science of Food and Cooking (with lectures, homework and lab projects!). I also borrowed the book Fit for Real People from the library with big plans on making clothes that might actually fit me properly. And not to forget, a little man here turned 5 and had his first big party with all his kindy friends.

Funnily enough, I got really overwhelmed and struggled to achieve much at all. Blogging completely fell off the list of things to do.

I’ve learnt a lesson in moderation – cut back on the number of yoga sessions a week, scaled back on the birthday party ideas and tried to take the pressure off myself. I’m looking forward to school going back so I can have more quiet in my life to recharge my batteries (5 year old boys have a lot of energy!).

Project sneak peek

So things have been quiet on the blog, but will be picking up soon. Above is a sneak peek of a new tutorial I’m working on with a fun new product. Stop by soon for all the details…

How have your new year’s resolutions been going?