A Day in The Life of….

What a busy day! I had plans for a different blog post today, but well, life got in the way. So for a bit of fun, here’s a day in the life of Cook Clean Craft. It’s not a typical day, there’s no such thing around here, but it was definitely full!

The day started with a walk to school in the rain:

A day in the life of Cook Clean Craft (2)

It wasn’t too cold, and my kids’ fun umbrellas makes me smile! I wish I had one. (Un)Fortunately, I have a trusted navy blue umbrella since uni days. It’s survived all sorts of crazy, wild and woolly weather. As boring as it is, a reliable umbrella is hard to find, so I can’t give it up.

I realised yesterday that my niece’s birthday is next week. I better get organised and sew something. Red’s her favourite colour, but is sadly lacking in my fabric stash. A trip to Spotlight was in order! I got there a little early, but wasn’t the only one:

A day in the life of Cook Clean Craft (3)

Fabrics were purchased:


Then the grocery shopping was done. Thankfully, it was a happy experience with the 3yo in tow (but a typical girl, she’s usually happy when shopping!). And the kind checkout lady may have given me a few extra Jamie Oliver stickers for our collection:

Jamie Oliver Sticker Book

Time to head home to unpack groceries. After that, there was another job to do before I could start sewing:

A day in the life of Cook Clean Craft (6)

About 12 days ago, my Mother-in-Law dropped off Herman, the sourdough cake starter. A couple of days overdue, I finally cooked him up:

A day in the life of Cook Clean Craft (5)

With a photo-bombing box of teabags that just wouldn’t put itself away, from the grocery shop. He was delicious for afternoon tea!

A loaf of spelt bread was made too (but somehow didn’t get photographed). And a big mess was made in the kitchen:

A day in the life of Cook Clean Craft (7)

Stuff it – that can wait till dinner time. Let’s hit the craft room:

A day in the life of Cook Clean Craft (4)

Hmm, my craft table is a disaster (as always), but about a third of it was clear – just enough space to get cutting. I had to deal with fluffy obstacles under my sewing table like this:

A day in the life of Cook Clean Craft (8)

And after school pick-up, the kids may have entertained themselves by doing this:

A day in the life of Cook Clean Craft (9)

But aren’t they playing nicely together!

Sewing went smoothly enough, with only one use of the seam ripper. It got a nerve-wracking towards the end as my thread was running out. When it was all done, my spool looked like this:

A day in the life of Cook Clean Craft (1)

And the bobbin was about the same. Phew!

Time to make dinner. After such a busy day, I needed an easy meal – Nachos!

And while Dad is doing the bed and bath routine, I’m finally sitting down for a rest (and to blog).

I’ll show you what I made next week (after my niece’s birthday)!

What did you get up to today?


  1. The Dhilma tea bag box is made from Sri Lanka right? I’m from Sri Lanka. And I too am a fan of that tea!

    • Narelle @CookCleanCraft says

      Yes, the Dilmah tea is from Sri Lanka (I had to go check the box!) – it’s my husband’s favourite brand of tea in the supermarket. Nice to know that Sri Lankans drink it too!

  2. Yes. Sri Lanka has the best tea in the world! And our major part of the export market is tea. ☺

  3. I love your kids umbrellas. Think I’ll be looking out for one of these. Looks like a busy and eventful day.

  4. I love those clear umbrellas.
    However, I usually don’t use an umbrella.

    The Nachos look good too.

    As for me? Today:
    Laundry, clean bathrooms
    Fix dessert for our Women’s Summer Supper at church tonite.
    I’m making Banana Pudding 🙂

    Have a great day!!