It’s a New Year

It’s a New Year and I should be motivated, excited, ready to tackle new challenges. But for some reason I’m not.

After a busy few days around Christmas, spending time with my husband’s family (some visiting from overseas), we had a relaxing camping holiday by the beach over New Year’s. It was a great break, the kids had lots of fun, everything went smoothly.

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Getting home, a few days into the New Year, I was well-rested and should have been ready to tackle a New Year with enthusiasm.

But coming home, to Christmas presents with no homes, to mess from days of Christmas entertaining, it just didn’t feel like a fresh start. It felt like the same old same old. And my motivation just drained away. A heat wave rolled in and there went my energy.

Seeing photos of people’s healthy smoothies and salads on Facebook and Instagram while I’m still munching away on Christmas treats didn’t help!

We’ve had internet problems (which were finally fixed yesterday!). You’d think having no internet would mean I’d tidy up my craft room, do some decluttering and organising, or get some sewing and crafting done. Then I’d feel like I was achieving something.

But no! Instead, I waste time trying to do small online tasks in the brief times the internet was connected, only having it drop out again. Or waste time watching videos while waiting for the internet to connect.

The silly thing is, I was excited about the New Year before Christmas. 2015 is the year to focus on my goals and make a difference this year. My youngest will be in kindy 2.5 days per week. I’ll have more time to work on all the ideas bouncing around in my head.

But I’m not quite there yet.

I think I need to sit down and write out my goals. Work out a plan. Or just put on my big girl pants and get my act together!

Is anyone else in a New Year’s slump? Any tips for getting me out of it?