Paper planes {with giveaway}

Paper planes are something I’ve secretly always loved. I’ve made many a standard dart to shoot across a room, having competitions with my brother to see which one would fly further.

Having fun with paper planes - a fun DIY craft activity to play with the kids after school.

During student elections at uni, one party included paper plane templates on their information they handed out in lectures. That particular lecture was bedlam with paper planes constantly flying through the hall (yes, you’d think by uni we’d be more mature, but somehow things still get out of control!).

I’m also the winner of a paper plane throwing competition! OK, it’s sounds better than it actually is. A personal training group I used to work out with had a mini-Olympics event to finish the year, and paper plane throwing was one of the events. It felt good to beat the blokes in the group (and put my engineering skills to the test).

Having fun with paper planes - a fun DIY craft activity to play with the kids after school.

It was time to introduce my kids to the world of paper planes. We’ve occasionally made one, but never had a big session of paper plane building. It was time to change that!

I searched the internet for a range of paper plane folding ideas, and this is what we came up with:

Having fun with paper planes - a fun DIY craft activity to play with the kids after school.

Clockwise from bottom left: the Classic Dart, the Bucket Plane, the Fast Flier, the Defier and the Ken Dwyer. For comparison, we added a screwed up ball of paper to the collection. Since my kids are 6 and 4, I made the paper planes (sometimes I just can’t get past my perfectionist tendencies!), and we headed to the back yard.

Having fun with paper planes - a fun DIY craft activity to play with the kids after school.

First we had a competition to see which one would fly the furthest (which surprisingly was the dart!). Then it was just a free-for-all. My kids loved giving it a go, although there were some fights over the bucket plane because they both thought it flew best.

Having fun with paper planes - a fun DIY craft activity to play with the kids after school.

My son then came up with a few extra paper plane games:

    1. Paper plane target practice – unfortunately, Mummy was the target, but accuracy wasn’t great (and I wear glasses) so it was still fun!
    2. Trying to catch the plane before it landed – my son was happy running around the backyard, chasing the planes – great secret exercise!

Having fun with paper planes - a fun DIY craft activity to play with the kids after school.  Having fun with paper planes - a fun DIY craft activity to play with the kids after school.

It was all good fun until Mummy sent a plane over the patio roof and into the neighbour’s backyard. There were tears and we couldn’t just remake that plane. We had to go meet the new neighbours to recover the plane. Who knew paper planes were good for neighbourly relations too?

Having fun with paper planes - a fun DIY craft activity to play with the kids after school.

A few minutes later, the same plane ended in the swimming pool and the fun had worn off. It was still a great afternoon spent with the kids!

Having fun with paper planes - a fun DIY craft activity to play with the kids after school.

For more inspiration, check out the official trailer for the movie Paper Planes.

Do you have a funny or inspiring memory of paper plane making? Let me know in the comments for your chance to win one of three Paper Planes prize packs.

The prize pack includes ‘how to fold a paper plane’ poster, one key art poster, sticker sheet, the Paper Planes novel, Paper Planes t-shirt and in-season tickets to see the film.

Terms and Conditions
      1. Entry is open to Australian residents only.
      2. This is a game of skill.  The winner will be selected based on originality and creative merit.  Judge’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
      3. Three winners will be selected and each will receive a Paper Planes prize pack
      4. One entry permitted per person.
      5. Entries open on 5/2/2015 and close at 11:59pm on 9/2/2015 (Western Australian Standard Time).
      6. The winner will be announced on Cook Clean Craft once the prize has been claimed.
      7. The prize will be supplied by We Are Social and will not be replaced in the event that it is misplaced or lost or damaged in transit and after delivery.

Having fun with paper planes - a fun DIY craft activity to play with the kids after school. Which plane do you think flew furthest?

Disclosure: I received a Paper Planes pack, and the three prize packs to giveaway. All opinions are my own (and I do love paper planes!).

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  1. Mary Preston says

    I can remember my younger sister and I trying to make a large paper plane using newspaper. Our father gave us some input & found some paints for us to decorate it. It looked amazing once we were done. Did it fly? Not a chance, but I actually don’t think we ever expected it to, not really. It gave us great memories though.

  2. I wasn’t too sure how serious my boyfriend was about our relationship until one day a huge envelope arrived from him. Inside was a large sheet of paper on one side were instructions on how to turn it into an oversize paper plane. On the other side was an invitation to join his parents at a ‘family only’ celebration. We married a year later and that was over forty years ago. I love paper planes!

  3. Fondest Paper Planes memory is fresh, my 3 year old loves to make planes so we made some on Wednesday, evidently Uncle Chris makes the best because they go the furthest.

  4. I remember, as a young boy, sitting with my Grandfather on his back veranda making paper planes. He’d tell me stories of growing up in Yugoslavia and how beautiful the country was before the war. As we were folding pieces of paper into amazing feats of aeronautical excellence, he would lean over and make minor adjustments to my creation, which always made it fly higher and further than his. It was really special to spend this quality time with him.

  5. My son was non-verbal until the age of four, He spent hours getting his dad to make paper planes it became their “thing” .
    One of his first words was “fly” ..he would come up to me with newspapers, magazines etc and say “fly”. I spent days going around the house swatting house flies with said paper and then my son would get really upset because I killed one.
    On one particular day my hubby was home to witness this happen, and after fits of laughing informed be that our little man calls paper planes “fly”.
    Well after nominating myself as worst mother ever and becoming a mass murderer of all flying insects, I now see the funny side.
    And the good news, at 7 my son has only a slight speech impediment (but still never asks me to make paper planes).

  6. When we use to live in Adelaide , every weekend we use to go to the nearby Aeroplane watching area with kids. My boys loved watching Aeroplanes & after coming back home their dad use to make paper planes for them from using magazine papers & they use to have lots of fun. Then the boys learnt how to fold papers & make planes. Once i was not at home & they were in their dad’s care – when i came back i found that the room was full of paper planes & my son said ” look mum dad has used every single page from a magazine to make paper planes & he is a very good babysitter for us “. Now we are in melbourne but still manage to take our boys to the Aeroplane watching area once a month and now they make planes using white paper & then colour them,write messages on them & still have lots of fun…

  7. Yes! Last year we were at a relative’s for her birthday party and my young daughter was having fun making paper planes and throwing them unsuccessfully. One such throw landed in my great-aunt’s cake and she was FURIOUS! I couldn’t believe anyone could make such a big deal out of such an innocent accident.

  8. The first paper plane I ever made, under the guidance of my Uncle, was rather sharp and of sturdy construction as we’d used a light card instead of paper. He told me to go up the stairs and fly the plane in the direction of his Dad, my Grandpa, and it hit the poor old man in the forehead, leaving a mighty dent that drew blood. How my mean uncle laughed and the bugger blamed me for it.

  9. My favourite paper plane making story is from my adult life, making paper planes in a team building exercise.

    It was funny to see the different designs and dynamics to try and beat each other. It was a great bonding session!

  10. I can’t enter the giveaway, but this is such a fun post!!!
    Paper airplanes are a classic.

    from #MBCoF

  11. Unfortunately my paper plane making skills take a serious ‘nose dive’ the moment I try to throw them to fly.

  12. I travel frequently for work. Having 2 little sons it’s not easy on either of us.Everytime I travel, I make it sure to bring back the the printed boarding card – out if which I make two paper plane – one for each boy – we then decorate them n put them on the wall. This not only gives kids something to work on but I get To spend quality time with them, lessening the pain of my time spent away from them..

  13. Last year, my youngest daughter, aged 4, attended kinder and her teacher was obsessed with paper planes. Her obsession soon passed on to my daughter, who at the time was having some issues with her bowel and would often feel down, and not want to participate in anything.
    Her teacher took the time out to sit with my daughter (and other students who were keen to have a go), and my daughter would come home after every kinder lesson very happy, and with paper planes in her backpack. We got to see big ones, small ones, fancy ones, not-so-fancy ones throughout the year. It was great. My daughter still loves paper planes!

  14. For our 10 year wedding anniversary I surprised my hubby with a Jet Fighter flight (his biggest dream). I made a paper plane and packaged in a box with his voucher and a note ….’Love is in the Air’. For the first time ever was absolutely speechless!

  15. My younger brother’s 8th birthday party
    Involved helping his friends fold many styles of paper planes
    And having a “fly off” from the front veranda…
    I drove past our old home recently
    And have fond memories of the paper plane party game!