My Whole Thirty: the beginning

Today, I started a Whole30 challenge. If you’re not familiar, it’s a 30 day challenge to eat whole foods – meat, fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds. That means no grains, dairy, added sugar or alcohol. Thankfully, coffee’s allowed, so I don’t have to worry about kicking that at the same time as sugar!

Why am I doing Whole30?

I haven’t been happy with my energy levels in a long time. I’m frustrated that I don’t get everything done that I want. I’m frustrated that I tell my kids too often that Mummy’s tired or Mummy’s not feeling well. I get way too many colds, and feel rundown way too much.

My kids are 4 and 6. I can’t blame small kids as the reason for my lack of energy. It’s rare for me to get woken by them in the night. I’m sick of excuses and knew it was time for a change.

I’ve slowly been making healthy changes, such as eating more fruit, exercising (off and on), but I feel like I need a push to have a big impact. I still treat myself with rubbish too often. I’ve looked at lots of healthy eating plans, but I liked Whole30 the best. There’s no fancy ingredients and strange recipes. It’s just sensible eating, really.

And 30 days feels achievable, and enough time to kick some of my bad habits. There’s also a 10 reintroduction phase after completing the challenge to introduce “forbidden” foods in a controlled manner and understand how they make your body feel.

It just made sense, and well, it’s time to do something.

So I started this morning (along with my husband – he hasn’t read any of the information (and I’ve only referred to the website), but has decided to come along for the ride. Since he doesn’t have a strong motivation to do it, I’m not sure if he’ll last, but we’ll see!).

The Start – Day 1

I’m not a big breakfast eater and usually have a slice of toast or fruit smoothie. My stomach just doesn’t wake up when I do! I didn’t feel up for a big egg-y breakfast, so I made a baked apple and blueberry crumble (topped with slivered almonds and coconut). More like a dessert, but I felt great eating it.

Whole30 Apple Blueberry Crumble breakfast

For lunch, I made a chicken salad, throwing some pine nuts on as well. I could have done with some more chicken, as I was still a bit hungry. (I used up a small chicken breast from the freezer)

Whole30 Chicken and pine nut salad lunch

I couldn’t quite go the afternoon without a snack, so I had a handful of cashews and an apple.

Dinner was a rack of lamb with rosemary and garlic, roast baby potatoes and steamed vegetables. A fairly typical dinner around here!

Whole30 Lamb rack with vegetables dinner

I had two black coffees and a lemongrass and ginger tea, along with lots of water.

So I survived Day 1. I got lots of housework done today because I’m expecting to feel bad for the rest of the week.

I won’t be blogging about this every day of the challenge, but I’ll give weekly updates to keep me motivated. And hopefully write up a few more blog posts with some fun crafts I’ve been working on too!

Have you done a Whole30 challenge? What are your tips, tricks and recipes?