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Baby Overalls

Who can resist a cute baby in a pair of overalls?


The last item I managed to make during Kids Clothes Week was a pair of overalls for Little Miss (and the only thing I managed to sew for her). Once again, the pattern was from Ottobre Design – Pupu (No 4) from 4/2010.


I’d bought a baby corduroy from my local Spotlight a while ago, and used a thrifted men’s shirt for the lining (it was the only matching fabric I could find in my stash).

image   image

It was the first time I’ve completed a fully-lined garment (and the second time I’ve started one, but that’s a story for another day), so there had to be a few oopsies along the way. I missed the cutting instruction to have the shell pieces right side up and the lining wrong side up. I didn’t have enough shirt to re-cut the non-symmetrical pieces and I didn’t realise this until I’d sewn the whole lining together. I unpicked as little as I could and just used the wrong side for a couple of the lining pieces:


I also couldn’t work out how to sew the one pant leg lining to the shell before turning right way out, so I just folded the hems under and top-stitched after I’d turned it out.

I used snaps instead of velcro and buttons for the fastenings, although I probably should have used a few more along the leg as it does gape a bit around Little Miss’ chubby thighs. The piping trim was a bit uneven (another first attempt for me). I didn’t bother with the pockets, applique and knee patches.

And now I have to give you another cute Little Miss shot – it was hard getting her to stay on her back to take a photo of the front now that she’s mastered rolling. My lens cap distracted her for a few moments!


I can’t believe how little I’ve sewn for Little Miss. Really have to do something about that!

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  1. I think the overalls turned out great! The fabrics you chose are perfectly suited to your sweet daughter.

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