Bedroom Door Name

I’m really not sure if I can count this as a craft. It was just way too easy, but those are the best types of craft projects, so I’ll share it with you. I wanted to put my son’s name on his bedroom door – standard home decorating behaviour, right? I looked around at what was available in baby stores and on-line, and really couldn’t justify the price. I wanted something simple and no frills for my little man.

I found plain wooden letters at my local hardware warehouse for less than $1 each (Bunnings for the Aussies out there), but have also seen them at craft stores (including Spotlight and Riot Arts and Crafts in Australia). I painted each letter with a different brightly coloured craft paint, and used Blu-Tak to stick them to my boy’s bedroom door, and here is the end result:

I love that it’s simple, colourful, and down the track, if Jacob wants a change in style, we can just paint them different colours.


  1. No, they’re not typical doors in Australia. I live in a “period” home, built in the 1920s and they are the style of doors/handle position for older homes. I must admit, with my son just being able to reach a normal door handle, I do like having the higher door handles!

  2. It looks adorable! You call your boy little man, too. I just got my little man around Christmas. Before that, it was a house of all things girly!

    Jen from Creative and Curious Kids!

  3. Srange because just this afternoon, my son asked me if he could post his name in wooden letters on his door. Coinkidink do ya think?! And just wait until the door gets shut too fast. That blue-tac stuff doesn’t work well on doors, and you really do need to use glue or nails to get it on there good…

  4. I haven’t had a problem with Blu-Tak on the doors – they are pretty thin wood letters and, at least in our semi-tropical climate here, the Blu-Tak stays quite sticky. Wait and see as he gets older I suppose…

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