Baby Steps to a Healthier Family

Things have been quiet on the blog lately. Energy and self-discipline are areas of my life that I’ve struggled with in the last few years, and it’s time for change. This winter has been non-stop colds in this house, passing between my two kids and me (and occasionally my husband, but not quite so often). […]

Personal Planner Winner

The winner of the customised Personal Planner from Personal Planner AU is: Tammy Wallis Congratulations Tammy! I’ve sent you an email to confirm your details. Thanks to all who entered!

A little bit of housekeeping

I had a good chuckle reading all the entries to the Palmolive Ultra Dishwashing Liquid giveaway. Congratulations to the lucky winners: Kim M Mum-me Mary Preston I’ve sent the winners an email. Please reply with your address so I can get your prize pack sent on. It’s also the last day to buy the Sew […]

Everywhere and nowhere!

Things have been a little quiet here this week. We visited my family in Adelaide last week. I was all organised and scheduled posts for while I was away, but have struggled to get back into it this week. I’m still tired from a week of (not) sleeping on a sofa bed! So while I […]

Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year! I hope your New Year’s Eve was more exciting than mine. The joys of knowing that two small kids will wake you up early meant that we didn’t bother staying up to midnight. We did enjoy a nice bottle of sparkling wine after the kids went to bed though. If Day 1 […]

2012: A year in review

Another year is coming to a close and it’s time to reflect on the year that was. Looking back at my goals for 2012, I didn’t achieve a lot of what I wanted. It’s a disappointing but life has had other plans for me this year. My husband changed jobs and we moved interstate. After […]

Handmade vs Store-bought Toys

We’re heading into Toy Sale season here, and like other parents (and kids), I’m scouring the catalogues for birthday and Christmas present ideas (hopefully at bargain prices!). Now hang on, you may be thinking… I’m a crafty type… I should be making my own toys… While I like the idea of that, it just doesn’t […]

Six Pillars of Self-Nurturing

Last year, May was Me Me Me month. I was going to do the same this year, but it just didn’t feel right. Me is the last thing I’ve been thinking of, and my head just wasn’t in the right space. It’s the usual story – two small kids, a husband and a home to […]

Seriously lacking motivation

I’m struggling to get back in the swing of things after the big move. Maybe the rooms full of boxes are getting to me: I’ve totally lost my routines and am struggling to work out how to get back on track. I’m pottering along without much of a plan. I’m doing a little bit of […]

Settling In

We made it to Perth safely, and were lucky to find a house to rent quickly (the second house we looked at!). We moved in last week, and are living amongst stacks of boxes, but are settling in. House-hunting for a place to buy is also looking positive, so everything with this move is falling […]

On the eve of the big move

We’re getting into the final stages of organising for the move. Most of the home repairs and maintenance tasks are done. We’ve sorted and purged, and clean and tidied. The kids had their last swimming lessons and one final play-date is scheduled. Tomorrow, the house will be packed and the big truck will come the […]

Cleaning and Painting and a WINNER!

My life is filled with cleaning and painting, and other random handyman jobs around the home, getting it ready to sell. Sometimes I feel like I’m being punished for choosing to sew and craft when I could have been cleaning the last year or so! When I’m not cleaning and painting, I’m too exhausted to […]

As good as a holiday?

There are big changes happening here. No, not with the blog (although I am always fidgeting with that!), but in our household. My husband is changing jobs, and it’s time to move, all the way to the other side of Australia (3606km or 2241miles to Perth, to be exact!). We’ll be close to family (for […]

2012: What do I want to do?

Happy New Year!!! I’m going to try another theme word for the year (not that it worked for me in 2011!). 2012 is the year of being… Measured So what does that mean? I want to be measured in how I spend my time. I want to think is this getting me where I want […]

The Year That Was

So 2011 is almost over. It’s time to see how I went with my goals for the year. My theme word was “Routine”. Hmmm, I didn’t have a lot of success here. I was good at keeping my kids in a routine, but really don’t have a routine myself. Constant tiredness from two poorly sleeping […]

Thanks for the Memories

I don’t know what TV show he got it from, but my son likes to yell “Thanks for the memories!” (and I tell Little Miss she should be saying “Thanks for the mammaries”). It’s so easy to capture memories these days. My smartphone is almost always nearby, and I can quickly whip it out to […]

A Glimpse

Things are still a little slow around here… My husband has been away on a business trip for almost 3 weeks, and life with two small kids has been fun but exhausting. I really do appreciate all the help and support I get from my husband, and sometimes wish I lived closer to our families. […]

Yes, I’m still here!

It’s been quiet on the blog the last couple of weeks. We went on holidays to visit my in-laws for a week, that then got extended by Qantas industrial – extra days holiday with Hubby/Daddy – yay! I thought I’d get a few blog posts written while I was away, but that didn’t happen, but […]

Tell me what you think

Firstly, I hope all my friends and readers on the East Coast of the US have made it through Hurricane Irene unscathed. I love a survey! If someone asks my opinion, I love giving it. I’ve been thinking about the direction I’d like to take my blog, and have a few ideas to freshen things […]

So, um, I think I’m Crafty

Do you follow So You Think You’re Crafty? I’ve been following along since Season 2, and this time around, I’m excited (actually incredibly nervous) to say I’m a contestant! There’s some great craft projects in the first round, and the winner is selected by reader vote. Head on over and select your favourite. It’s an […]

My “To Cook” List

I have quite a few craft projects and recipes to share with you, but a bad morning has sapped the life out of me, so I thought I’d share a few recipes from around the blogosphere that have caught my eye, and are on my massively long “to cook” list: Emeril’s Strawberry Lemonade at Recipe […]

Me Me Me Month Wrap-Up

I’ve had a lot of fun for May is Me Me Me Month, and think I’m going to make it an annual event. Special thanks to the all my wonderful guests. I didn’t get all the crafting and recipe posts done that I wanted (I seem to have a perpetual cold!), but I’ll make sure […]

Boy Knits Giveaway Winner

I had so much fun reading through all the comments for the Boy Knits Giveaway. Such a wide range of favourite boy toys, with the classics of cars and trains rating high as well. So, without further ado, the winner is: And that is: Congratulations Laura! I’ve sent you an email. With three boys, I […]

Boy Knits Giveaway CLOSED

GIVEAWAY CLOSED It’s Giveaway Day at Sew Mama Sew, and I thought I’d join in the fun! Up for grabs is a selection of interlock fabric in boy prints. I picked these up at my local Spotlight store, and have used them for raglan T-shirts for Little Man here and here. Technically, they’re my scraps, […]