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Fabric 2013 Printable Monthly Planner

It’s a bit late for a 2013 printable monthly planner, but if you used mine from last year, I thought you might appreciate this (late) gift! I created two separate files – one for if you want to create a booklet with two-sided printing (for information in the tutorial below), and one if you just want the individual month pages.

2013 Monthly Planner Page Spread

Just like last year, there is a half page of the calendar (which I use for planning blog posts – it could also be used for menu planning/birthdays/appointments etc). On the other half of the page are sections for goals, to do, ideas, things to remember and notes. It keeps me focused on what’s important and gives me space to jot down inspiration.

Fabric Covered Monthly Planner Tutorial (10)

I wanted to personalise my monthly planner more this year (which was why I procrastinated making it). I created a little booklet and made a cardboard cover for it, covered with fabric that I love.

Fabric Covered Monthly Planner Tutorial (12)

The fabric is from the Spintastic collection by Laura Berringer for Marcus Fabrics (which I still love since I featured it on Fav Fabric Friday), and the fabric was leftover from another project (coming soon!).

Fabric Covered Monthly Planner Tutorial (1)

I added a couple of little loops so I can hang it on the pin board in my craft room/desk, with some elastic cord to hold the pages open. I push one loop through to keep the planner closed when I’m carrying it around.

Here’s the tutorial for how I made it:


Printer and Paper
Fabric Rectangle – fat quarter is plenty
Cardboard Rectangle – slightly larger than your page size
Sewing Machine and Thread (or hand-sew or staples)
Mod Podge and brush
Two small loops of cord (optional)
Scissors and Ruler


1. Print out the booklet monthly planner here. This file is designed to be printed double-sided. If your printer doesn’t print double-sided, print all the odd pages, then put your paper back in the printer tray and print the even pages. You may want to test with the first few pages to make sure you put the paper back in the correct way around.

2. Fold the print out in half to form a booklet and sew down the middle to hold your pages together. Use a long stitch length (too many stitches may tear the paper) and an old needle. (Alternatively, you could staple the pages together).

Fabric Covered Monthly Planner Tutorial (7)

3. Cut a piece of cardboard slightly larger than your page.

Fabric Covered Monthly Planner Tutorial (2)

4. Score the centre-line of your cardboard with scissors or a craft knife and fold to make your planner cover.

Fabric Covered Monthly Planner Tutorial (3)

5. Cut a piece of fabric that is 1cm (1/2 inch) larger than your cardboard all the way around. (Or sew together fabric pieces if you want to use more than one, like I did).

6. Place your fabric right side down on your work surface and place the cardboard on top of it.

7. Brush Mod Podge around the edges of the cardboard and stick the fabric in place.

Fabric Covered Monthly Planner Tutorial (4)

Fabric Covered Monthly Planner Tutorial (6)

Tip: You may want to trim the fabric at the corners to reduce the bulk.

Fabric Covered Monthly Planner Tutorial (5)

8. Brush Mod Podge over the whole of the cardboard, including over the fabric overlap, and stick the monthly planner in place.

Fabric Covered Monthly Planner Tutorial (8)

9. (Optional) Add fabric loops with using Mod Podge to stick them in place. You may also add elastic loops to hold the pages open and/or the cover shut.

Fabric Covered Monthly Planner Tutorial (9)

There you have a pretty, personalised Monthly Planner. Now I just have to stick to my plan!

What sections do you look for in a monthly or weekly planner?

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  1. This looks great! I love getting organized at this time of year! And it might as well be pretty too! The fabric is gorgeous!

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