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Free Printable: 2012 Monthly Planner


This may be a little late, but I’ve put together a monthly planner.


I’m using this planner as my blog editorial calendar and as a place to jot down goals, ideas and tasks. I’m using it primarily to keep my blogging on track, but you could use it for menu planning, as an ordinary calendar.

It’s set up to print double-sided and then fold all the pages in half to make a booklet. Download your free copy from here.

Please let me know if you use the planner and if you have any suggestions for it.

Edited to add: If you’d prefer not to make a booklet, you can download this version to just have a page for each month.


  1. i have just print out and found that january page is having a problem where the side planner is not beside it. how to do with this?

  2. @JCL: The original version was designed to be folded in half to make a booklet. I’ve updated the post to include a link to a simple version with a page for each month. Hope this helps!

  3. How generous of you to share your printable! Thanks so much for linking up this week!

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