Kids Clothes Week Challenge Extended

I suddenly went quiet (and so did my sewing machine) on Kids Clothes Week Challenge on Wednesday as my darling husband passed on the flu to my son and me. I woke up feeling much better yesterday and decided to spend nap-time at the sewing machine to catch up on my KCWC sewing. One pair of shorts for summer for my son was in order.

Continuing on with my theme, I used Ottobre Design magazine Issue 3/2010, Pear shorts pattern. However, I decided to skip the side pockets on the legs. I haven’t really done pockets before, so I thought the front and back pockets would be more than enough of a challenge for me (and let’s face it – the average almost 2 year old boy isn’t going to notice)! The fabric is a medium-weight cotton drill that I picked up at my local fabric chain (that same one that I hate – why am I always there???).

I must say, the pattern instructions confused me a few times, and it felt like I spent as much time on the internet searching for explanations and trying to understand the steps as I did at my sewing machine. I think I confirmed to myself that I’m still a beginner, and the next step into intermediate-level sewing is going to take a while.  In my frustration, I also decided not to finish off my seams – I just wanted to make some progress. But, it’s for a 2 year old boy, so I’ll be lucky if he gets 6 months wear out of them. I doubt they’ll fall apart before he outgrows them!

I haven’t tried them on the little man yet, but I’m happy with the way they turned out. The little details – top-stitching, a bit of a cuff on the front pockets, fake fly – included in the pattern make the shorts look store-bought (as long as you don’t look at the stitching/finishing off too closely! Part of me would like to whip up another pair straight away, while I’ve got the techniques all worked out in my head, but no time for that at the moment. I’d like to make something for bub before she arrives, plus have a few ideas of things I’d like to make for myself to make the first few weeks with bub a little more stylish (plus a whole house to go crazy tidying!).

So I’ll call this a wrap on Kids Clothes Week – 5 days of sewing way more than an hour each day over 10 days, 3 T-shirts and a pair of shorts for the boy complete. Thanks for hosting this again, Meg!


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