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Kids Clothes Week – Done!

I went into Kids Clothes Week with an ambitious plan of sewing 11 items of clothing for my two kids. I’d cut all the fabric out ahead of time, and just had to get down and sew. I’m happy to say I sewed 10.5 items. I didn’t expect to get so far, especially with school holidays being on. I must be getting quicker!

So you’ve already seen the leggings, bloom dress, dressing gown and hoodie. Next up, we have pyjama craziness.

Pyjamas and More (1)

We had a brief cool snap about a month ago, and I realised that the kids had no winter pyjamas. I quickly whipped up a pair of flannel PJ pants for both of them, which was all they needed for then (it wasn’t that cold), but they still needed the tops and an extra full set each.

Pyjamas and More (12)

The pattern is the Goodnight, Sweetheart PJs from the book Sewing for Boys. The fabric for both of Jacob’s pairs are flannel that I picked up as part of a bulk lot on Freecycle more than a year ago. The piping was made using store-bought bias tape.

Pyjamas and More (11)

I wish I’d used a contrasting colour for the bias tape on the navy pyjamas to make them more fun. I just used what I had on hand.

Pyjamas and More (10)

The buttons are from my stash. I only had 3 cream coloured teddy bears, so I used one white one, and placed it on the white on the fabric.

Pyjamas and More (5)

I used the same top pattern for Celeste, but for the pants, I used the yoga pant pattern from Sewing Mod Kid Style, just because I didn’t have wide enough fabric of the lions print. I made them a size 6 width, since flannel doesn’t stretch and that was the biggest size I could squeeze out of my fabric (leftover from these pyjamas!).

Pyjamas and More (7)

The pink flannel and aqua piping is leftover from her big girl bed quilt cover backing – more details of that one soon…

Pyjamas and More (6)

The butterfly print was purchased at Spotlight.

Pyjamas and More (4)

Buttons were from my stash. I once again only had 3 pink stars, so I added a pink flower. A little random, but good enough for nightwear!

Pyjamas and More (9)

Finally, I made a pinwale cord skirt for Celeste with a velvet ribbon trim. The pattern is “Tammy” from Ottobre Design 6/2008. It’s lined with light pink acetate (I think, from a project I never got around to sewing for myself!). I seriously love this skirt and wish it was in my size. I’m tempted to buy more fabric for me!

Pyjamas and More (8)

The final item on my list was a pair of green cord pants for Jacob. I worked away on them in bits and pieces on Sunday, including my first welt pockets. By Sunday night, I’d got to the point of adding the fly-front zip and my brain was frazzled. I was too tired to work out how to do it, so I packed up for the week. I’ll get back to that soon…

Pyjamas and More (2)

I’m over the moon with the big stack of clothes I made. I’ve wanted my kids wardrobes to have a greater percentage of handmade clothes, and this week has made a big difference.

Pyjamas and More (3)

How did your kids clothes week go?

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