Lucky Ladybird

I picked up a pile of random fabric on Freecycle before Christmas. Hidden amongst the piles of fleece and knit boy fabrics was this panel:


I remember seeing panels like this in sewing shops when I was a kid, but hadn’t seen one in ages (and funnily enough, my Mum gave me a similar panel for an apron for Christmas). All the instructions, including a few schematics are printed on the panel.


It was so nice to quickly cut out the pieces and stitch together – no fiddling around with paper patterns, no measuring or worrying about the fabric grain etc.


Before I knew it, I had a cute ladybird bag. This will make a cute pyjama bag on my daughter’s bed when she gets bigger.


I wonder what other fabric panel projects are out there… I may have to investigate!

Have you ever sewn anything from a panel like this?


  1. I got some like this from spotlight years ago, there was a frog caterpillar and a butterfly. very cool, you.didn’t happen to copy the pieces before you started? I am going to try and print the layout and draft one of the ladybird for myself, very cute.

    1. Thankyou Narelle,I will.
      p.s if you draw out the pieces and add seam allowances, you can get cotton duck (fabric name!!)from spotlight which is the same weight and a huge range of colours, and make up additional bags. Which is what my delightful froggy is doing.

      this is a link to a caterpillar bag as i mentioned, i have put in an offer on one, be quick she only has three.


  2. I like clothkits from the UK. They have dolls but also women’s and children’s clothes all printed out and ready to go. They even send you the matching thread/zipper/buttons. This sounds a bit like an ad doesn’t it but I promise it’s not!! I just love the skirt I made for myself and the pinafore I made for Pip.

  3. How fun! I’m sure your kids will love playing with this little lady, too. 🙂

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