My Bathroom Art #1

When we moved into our house, approximately 8 months ago, one of the things I didn’t like about the place was the boring drabness of the three bathrooms. All three (yes, three!) have been renovated the same – dark grey floor tiles (great for showing up the dirt!), egg-shell wall tiles, white basins and paint. Whenever I go in, I think “dull, dull, dull”.

I don’t have the time, energy or money to re-tile the bathrooms, so I put my thinking cap on to come up with a solution. For the downstairs bathroom (which is the guest bathroom), I decided we needed some red to brighten the room up. Off I went and bought some red towels. This may sound easy, but I’m not a big fan of red (as a result of having red hair as a child), so it had to be the right shade of red – more a cherry red, than fire truck red. It took me couple of weeks and a dozen or so stores, but I eventually found some. I found a couple of nice matching candles, and after no luck finding a ceramic soap dispenser with the right shade of red, I settled for a nice cherry-coloured liquid soap from the supermarket (peeling off the label with citric de-greaser to make it look a little classier.

I put my finds in the bathroom, and whilst it looked better, it still wasn’t enough for me. There needed to be something on the wall. In my local fabric store, I stumbled across a nice quilting fabric in the right shade of red, and decided to buy four artist’s canvases to create some wall art. I painted one silver, one black and one red, and left the last one blank. I then cut the fabric into the desired sized pieces, ironed down a hem on the sides, and stapled them to the frame of the canvases and here is the end result:

As a finishing touch to the bathroom, I also use a little bit more of the fabric to have a matching tissue box holder. I painted a wooden holder silver, and just glued the fabric on the inside:

It’s a much happier and welcoming room to me now. Here are a couple more photos:

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  1. Funniest thing! We had a nice lady visit us today, and she had three bright red cherries sewn onto her cardigan! Coinkidink do ya think?

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