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Nesting – Bathroom Bin Decoration

For each month until my bub arrives (October), I’m having a nesting theme (see here for more details). June’s theme is Bedrooms. So far, I’ve made curtains and London blinds. OK, today’s project isn’t really for the bedroom, but the bathroom is the first place I go when I get out of bed (is that too much information?) and it doesn’t really fit into any of my other monthly themes, so here it is:

A while ago, I created some “artwork” for my guest bathroom using a pretty quilting fabric (see here):

However, when I’ve been using the facilities in that bathroom, I’ve thought it needs a bit more colour. I still had some pieces of the fabric, and I decided that it was the bin that looked too boring (except for the green bin-bag):

A circle of fabric cut out and some fabric glue later, and here is the end result:

I actually lined the bin lid with a piece of white paper before I glued the fabric down to help the pattern stand out a bit more. A little too much of the blackness of the lid showed through the fabric. Just a little more pizazz to theĀ  room! I still like to stencil some of the pattern onto the mirror, but I think I’m spending a little too long decorating a bathroom, and maybe should try the rest of the house!


  1. Pretty garbage (which is something I never thought I’d say!). Thanks for linking to Craftastic Monday:)

  2. Just stopping by to say “THANKS” for visiting me on my SITS day. You have a great blog with lots of great ideas! I look forward to coming back to visit again.

    Have a GREAT week!

  3. It’s good to know I’m not the only one who decorated a trash can! THanks for this link.

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