Pantry Challenge Menu Plan (Week 4)

Another week, another menu plan! Last week was a bit hit and miss. After coming back from holidays, my husband had a work trip and then a business dinner, so wasn’t home for dinner 3 nights. The menu plan got pushed aside for meals that my kids will definitely eat (pasta). The plan also got rearranged due to the Australia Day holiday.

It’s hard to tell if I’m making any progress in the pantry and freezer. I have managed to empty the freezer of the second fridge, and my grocery bills are down. It still feels like the pantry is full of random ingredients though, so I’m going to keep the challenge going!

The plan this week is to keep running down the meat in the freezer, with a vegetarian brown rice recipe thrown in too. Here’s my plan:

Monday: Tasty Brown Rice

Tuesday: Chicken Parmigiana

Wednesday: Tasty Rissoles with Salad

Thursday: Chicken Kievs

Friday: Pizza (the usual!)

Saturday: Steak and Salad (the usual!) – might try a fancy sauce for a change!

Sunday: Burritos (from a kit – the lazy way!)

Do you revert to the kids’ favourite recipes when your partner is away?