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Snappy Toddler Dress

I finally got around to sorting through the thousands of photos I’ve taken of the kids this year to send off to the grandparents, and found photos of so many crafty projects (and a few recipes) that I haven’t shared. Time to pause the crafting and get typing!


The Snappy Toddler Dress from Prudent Baby is the first neglected project off the ranks. Earlier in the year, I had 5 friends who had had or were about to have baby girls, and I wanted to make little dresses/tunics for them. I made a test run of this pattern out of a thrifted pillow case (that I also used for Ooshka Babushka) and some ribbing from my stash (which I think was from thrift store too).


I definitely didn’t print the pattern out at the right size, because it was definitely a baby dress rather than a toddler dress! I did a pretty average job of sewing the curves for the neckline piece (which I think was made worse by how small the pieces were!). And I put the snaps on the wrong sides and ended up with the front overlapping the back instead of vice versa.


I made matching bloomers, but they somehow didn’t make it to the photo-shoot, and I can’t find any other photos of them!

My sewing efforts didn’t make the grade for gift-giving, and Little Miss got a pretty little dress/tunic to wear. I love the fabric and I blame all problems on myself rather than the pattern. Maybe I’ll try it again in the toddler size one day…

Stay tuned for my next attempt at baby tunics for gifts.


  1. Well the dress turned out so cute. ANd I love that fabric. Such a pretty color of yellow!

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