Teaching kids to cook the right way!

Before I had kids, I had visions of us in the kitchen, preparing meals together. Quality family time while the kids learnt the skills to last a lifetime. It’s so important for everyone to know how to prepare healthy, tasty meals.

When my son was born, I used to put him in the high chair (that conveniently lay back for newborns) and chat to him while I cooked dinner, telling him about peeling and cutting the carrots, when to turn the steak, how to boil water for a pot of pasta.

But then he got more active and didn’t want to be confined to the chair. Mummy was boring and it was the witching hour. It just seemed easier to turn on the TV so I could have an hour of peace and get dinner on the table. I was tired, he was tired and it just didn’t feel worth the effort.

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Where do you start teaching kids to cook?

Almost 7 years later, I’m left wondering how to teach my kids to cook. I want them more involved in the kitchen, but I really don’t know where to start. I don’t want to clean the mess, so it’s much easier to pour the milk and spread jam on the toast myself.

I want to teach my kids to cook, but don’t have the skills. When I’ve tried, I feel like I’m always telling them what not to do, but can’t really explain the right way to go about things.

How to you teach kids to use sharp knives safely?

Knife skills are one of the basics of cooking. Learn to use a knife safely and cooking becomes easy. But at what ages can kids learn to use sharp knives? Are my kids old enough?

Enter the free knife skills video course from Kitchen Stewardship. Suddenly teaching my kids to chop fruit and vegetables seems possible. Maybe my dream of the kids cooking me dinner will come true!

This free knife skills course is only available until 18th January. Sign up and teach your kids from as young as 3 how to use knives safely.

But there’s more to cooking than chopping!

If you want to take your kids cooking skills further, check out the Kids Cook Real Food course. This 8 week course is filled with all the skills your kids will need. It’s split into three levels, depending on your kids’ age and abilities.

There are videos for the parent/teacher, taking you through what you need to know before you start working with your kids, plus videos to watch with your kids, showing kids learning the skills in Katie’s kitchen. After watching the video with the kids, head into the kitchen to try it out yourself.

The best part is, you’re not doing the actual teaching (it’s sooo hard for kids to learn anything from their own parents!). Rather than coming across and nagging and hassling your kids, you just remind them of what Katie taught them. It’s so much more enjoyable in the kitchen!

Are you ready for your kids to cook you dinner?

I’m ready to sit back and relax while my kids cook dinner, so I’m working through this course with them. It may take longer to prepare a meal with them now, but I know it’s going to pay off in the long term.

And my kids are loving the extra responsibility. They feel so grown up!

Sign up for the Kids Cook Real Food course and learn the fun way to teach your kids to cook.