Two days of kids clothes (so far)

Kids Clothes Week is on and I’m up for the challenge. One hour a day of sewing kids clothes – I can do that. I’ve set myself the ambitious target of sewing 11 pieces of clothing for my kids. I probably won’t quite make it, but we’ll see how things go (and my kids desperately need cold weather clothing!).

I planned ahead, and traced and cut all the patterns ahead of time. I like the idea of just getting into the sewing. And now that all 11 items are cut out, I have to make them sometime. The list includes a dress, skirt, hoodie, pyjamas, leggings and pants – no cookie cutter sewing here!

Kids Clothes Week (6)

I decided to start with a quick win and went for a pair of leggings for Celeste. The pattern was from the book “Sewing Mod Kid Style” and the fabric was a pink Stella knit from my stash.  Quick to whip up and the fit looks good.

With time leftover on day one, I thought I’d stick with knits, since I had a ball point needle in my sewing machine. I went with the Bloom dress from the same book, in a fun bright green flower print in Jersey (by Ann Kelle for Robert Kaufman – previously blogged for Fav Fabric Friday – yes, I actually do buy the fabrics I recommend!).

Kids Clothes Week (1)

The dress is simple with a slight A-line. The next isn’t sitting very well at the moment, but I’m hoping it will settle down after a few washes. I’m thinking about a belt/sash or something as it looks a bit like a nightie to me. Maybe it’s that it’s a bit too big at the moment too.

Kids Clothes Week (3)

I love the bright green colour – fun and a bit different for a girl.

So that was more than enough sewing for day one (and well more than one hour!). On to day two, and I stuck with projects requiring a ball point needle – this time a bathrobe for Celeste for winter.

I used a fleece for my local chain fabric store and the Beach Robe pattern from Made. I made the bias tape from a fat quarter. There wasn’t enough to edge the belt pieces, so I just made a normal belt with two pieces of fabric sewn together and turned.

Kids Clothes Week (5)

I made the largest size (3-4) even though Celeste is in Size 2 just so she’d get a lot of wear out of it. With the belt, you only really notice it in the sleeves, so they’ll just be folded up this year (and maybe next year!).

Kids Clothes Week (4)

So two days down, three cute pieces for Celeste. Time to do a little bit of boy sewing on Day 3, methinks!

Kids Clothes Week (2)

How is your Kids Clothes Week going?


  1. awesome – I’m working on my second top today… I have two more things planned, I tried not to be too ambitious this time around ;op

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