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Colouring on the Go

A couple of days before heading off on our last holiday, I started thinking about activities to keep the kids occupied – on the plane, at restaurants and during other quiet times.

When I was getting some toys together, I remembered Little Man’s travel drawing kit – we haven’t taken the kids to restaurants very often lately and somewhere along the line, it’d been taken out of my bag. We’re at the stage where you can’t have something like this for one kid and not the other, so the day before we flew out, I followed my own tutorial and whipped up another one for Little Miss:

Travel Drawing Kit (4)

I used two different fabrics this time – fat quarter remnants from Fabric Traders. There was no info on the selvedge, so I’m not sure what they are.

Travel Drawing Kit (2)

They’re definitely not my favourite fabrics (especially the slightly creepy dolls on the inside), so it was a stash-busting project. I used one of Little Misses over-stretched hairbands for the button loop. It was a quick sew – all done in a naptime (when I probably should have been packing!).

And here are the two together (and Little Man’s is holding up well from a lot of use!):

Travel Drawing Kit (1)

Luckily, I had a stash of washable markers (great to have around for kids’ presents!). It saves a lot of fighting when both kids have their own set!

When Little Man saw me taking photos, he wanted a photo holding his:

Travel Drawing Kit (3)

If you’d like to make your own, you can find the full tutorial here. It’s great to keep in your bag for some peace and quiet when out and about with kids!