How to Make A Reusable Grocery List

I hate waste. Writing a grocery list each week, just to throw it out and then writing out the same thing the next week – it just doesn’t seem efficient. So I made a reusable grocery list: The list includes things I regularly buy and space to add one-off items. It’s ordered in the layout […]

Magnetic Paper Dolls Tutorial

Did you play with paper dolls when you were a kid? I remember having a set and loved changing her clothes. Until the little tabs ripped (or the dolls for that matter). Here’s a modern version that’s not so delicate: They’re made with magnetic paper, so it’s as simple as finding something they’ll stick to […]

Spice Drawer Organization

The first time we went house-hunting, I fell in love with a house that had a spice drawer in the kitchen. Just a shallow drawer with all the spice jars laying down, gorgeously organised – functional and pretty. We didn’t buy that house but I still remember that wonderful drawer! When we moved into our […]

Make Progress, Not Perfection

Following on from my post about nurturing myself, in a recent webinar by Problogger book authors Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett, Chris used a phrase that really resonated with me: Just like when I had Perfection-Induced Craft Paralysis, I realised I’m not making progress in a few areas of my life because of perfectionism. I […]

Free Printable: 2012 Monthly Planner

This may be a little late, but I’ve put together a monthly planner. I’m using this planner as my blog editorial calendar and as a place to jot down goals, ideas and tasks. I’m using it primarily to keep my blogging on track, but you could use it for menu planning, as an ordinary calendar. […]