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Spice Drawer Organization

The first time we went house-hunting, I fell in love with a house that had a spice drawer in the kitchen. Just a shallow drawer with all the spice jars laying down, gorgeously organised – functional and pretty. We didn’t buy that house but I still remember that wonderful drawer!

When we moved into our house in Brisbane, there were lots of drawers in the kitchen and I bought a spice organiser drawer insert. Unfortunately, with our deep drawers, it wasn’t an efficient use of space and quickly had more jars than organiser space:


That photo is not staged – my spices were a disaster and it was impossible to find the one I needed.

A change of plan was needed, and with the help of some Avery round labels (Product number J5624 – seem to be hard to find these days…) and my printer, I turned my spice drawer into this:


So much tidier and so much easier to find my herbs and spices!

Labelled Spices

I plan to either refill the jars or swap the lids over as I buy new jars.

And to help you, I created a printable:

Free Printable Herb and Spice Labels

Click on the image to go to download the pdf file. I’ve added all the usual herbs (with green labels) and spices (with brown labels), and with a few blank labels if your spice of choice isn’t there. If you’d prefer, click here for blank herb labels or here for blank spice labels.

Since moving house, I don’t have the drawer space for my spices, but I’ve just put all the jars into a plastic container and store it in the pantry.


This is working really well for me too. So let’s have another look at the before and after:

Spice Drawer Before and After

So much better! How do you organise your herbs and spices?


    1. Hee hee – your drawer was even worse than mine! The jars are great because you can get a teaspoon/tablespoon inside them (that’s one of the things I hate about spice jars). I put off sorting out my drawer because I wanted to find cute jars. Then thought I better just do something and just did the labels. I’m still on the lookout for cute jars, but I’ll wait and see what the kitchen in the new place is like before I do anything.

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