How to sew a zip pouch {Tutorial}

A blissful afternoon for me is browsing the craft supplies at my local Spotlight (by myself!). I love finding new craft supplies, inspiring me to try a new projects. This week, I had a Spotlight gift voucher to spend and no particular project in mind. Should I try beading or jewellery-making? Maybe it’s time to […]

How to sew a Mr Men Costume

Book Week is a big thing in Australia.  Each year, schools and public libraries spend a week celebrating books and Australian authors and illustrators, supported by the Children’s Book Council of Australia. Lots of schools have a dress-up day and parade for the kids. My school hasn’t for the last few years (such a disappointment […]

How to Quickly Sew a Tulle Tutu

I love sewing tutus. The previous tutus I’ve sewn have used organza, and I was curious how the tutus would go when made with rolls of tulle (usually about 6 inches wide), that’s popular with the no sew tutus. And the verdict is, you can make a very cute, fluffy tulle tutu in under an […]

Queen of Hearts Dress

I originally shared this Queen of Hearts Dress Tutorial as I’m Feelin’ Crafty for Sew Ready To Play. Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, it’s time to share it here too. I love how this dress turned out, and seeing my daughter in red for a change! I’ve had so much fun in past […]

How to sew a Toy Blood Pressure Cuff

Last week I showed you my felt medical kit, but I felt there was something missing from the kit. Just about every time I go to the doctor’s, I have my blood pressure taken. A toy blood pressure cuff was definitely needed. I sized it so that the strap would fit around my arm as […]

How to Sew a Quick Elsa Cape

For my daughter’s Frozen party, I loved the idea of all the girls dressing up as Elsa. But I didn’t have the time (or energy) to make Elsa costumes for them all. Instead, I had the idea for a simple Elsa Cape – a quick sewing project and something fun for the girls to take […]

How to make a star fairy wand

My 3 year old daughter is such a girly girl and she loves pink and purple, and all things fairy and princess (although she does like playing with her brother’s toys too). I’ve had some plain wooden star wands in my craft supplies for a while, but I’ve saved them for when my kids are […]

Smocked Christmas Ornaments

I love a crafty challenge. It makes me think outside the box and test ideas that have been bouncing around in my head. Suddenly, I find myself making Christmas decorations in August! (And I apologise for making you think about that event – less than 4 months away, aagh!) Sarah Lauren and Fabric Fusion (two […]

Beach Scene Corkboard

A few days ago, I discussed ways to organise and display kid’s artwork, and briefly shared my corkboard display. Today I’m going to share with you how I made it. We’ve been in our house just over two years, and I’m slowly adding a personal touch to the place. I have a picture in my […]

Paper-bag Perry the Platypus Craft

My kids are getting older (currently 5 and 3) and it’s getting easier to craft with them. They can follow instructions and we can craft with a bit more purpose (rather than the random painting or gluing). Jacob comes home with some great craft projects from school, and a paper-bag platypus was one of his […]

How to sew laminated placemats

We recently bought a new dining table – a big Marri (hardwood) table that should last us an eternity. The previous table was a cheapy, bought second-hand. We didn’t really care about it, so we didn’t use placemats or tablecloths. Now that we’ve got one we want to look after, it was time to get […]

Frozen-inspired Elsa Costume {Tutorial}

I promised Celeste I’d sew her an Elsa costume (and boy, did she nag me until I got it done!). So here it is: Kids costumes are often difficult for kids to put on by themselves. Being the lazy parent that I am, I went with a shirred back for the dress (similar to my […]

How to Sew Butterfly Hair clips

Do all little girls like butterflies? Or is it just me that’s obsessed with them? My niece’s birthday was this week, so of course I had to make her a present. I wasn’t feeling too original or creative, so I went with the same present I made for a one of my son’s friends last […]

How to Sew a Doll’s Mattress

It’s been a little while since I shared the bedding set I made for my daughter’s doll cot. Now it’s time for the tutorials for each part, starting with the little mattress. I used a foam cushion insert, cut down to size, and a plain pink quilter’s cotton. I made bias tape from some of […]

How to Sew a Stuffed Snail {Tutorial}

Funny how fast a year goes. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was making a simple skirt and magnetic paper dolls for one of Celeste’s friend’s birthday. Suddenly it’s time to make her another birthday present. This year, the theme of her party was snails (and her Mum did an amazing job with […]

How to sew a ruffled scarf {tutorial}

Mother’s Day has come around again. Our school has a Mother’s Day stall for fundraising, with gifts donated by parents. I like to make something to create a unique gift for someone’s Mum. Last year, I made a crochet skinny scarf. For some reason, scarves sound like a good idea to me, so I stuck […]

Peppa Pig Puppet Show {Tutorial}

Did the Easter Bunny make it to your house? Are your kids’ faces covered in chocolate? Did you careful peel the wrappers off the Easter eggs, smooth them out and save them for a craft activity? I hope so because I’ve got a fun craft today. It’s a version of the Easter egg foil art […]

Geometric Art by an Engineer {Tutorial}

When we moved into our new house (umm, almost two years ago), we had a huge space on the wall behind our couch that was just desperate for some artwork. But well, art can be expensive and it’s hard to find something I like. I’m a big fan of geometric prints (it’s the engineer in […]

How to Make A Reusable Grocery List

I hate waste. Writing a grocery list each week, just to throw it out and then writing out the same thing the next week – it just doesn’t seem efficient. So I made a reusable grocery list: The list includes things I regularly buy and space to add one-off items. It’s ordered in the layout […]

How to sew a foot stool {tutorial}

Before Christmas, I asked for help deciding what to sew my brother for Christmas from this fabric: It’s a broadcloth that I picked up from I ended up going with my first instinct, and made a foot stool (or pouf, or ottoman): I used black quilter’s cotton for the top and base and made […]

Make It Amazing Handbag Tutorial

I love trying new craft products, so you can imagine my excitement when this box of goodies arrived at my door: Scotch® Australia and New Zealand are hosting the Make It Amazing competition (with a chance to win an iPad Mini by creating with Scotch® Expressions Tape). The pack I received was very girly – […]

Oh Christmas Tee

After making the Christmas Shirr Dress, I thought I’d better make something for Jacob for Christmas too. My first thought was to make a nice collared shirt for him, but he doesn’t wear shirts too often and none of the fabrics in my stash inspired me. Since green is his favourite colour, I then got […]

Popcorn Christmas Tree Tutorial

While thinking about what food to make for my son’s Kindy Christmas party next week, Popcorn Christmas Trees popped into my head and I just had to make them straight away. My first thought was to use green candy melts, but I didn’t have any (and I’ve just about hit that point where I don’t […]

Crochet Butterfly Hairclip

We’re a little obsessed with butterflies in this house – butterfly quilt cover, butterfly cake, butterfly foil art… Hmmm, what else can I make with butterflies? You’ve already had a peek at these with the Blossom Handbag – a Crochet Butterfly Hairclip: This was given to one of my son’s kindy friends, so unfortunately, I […]