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How to make a star fairy wand

My 3 year old daughter is such a girly girl and she loves pink and purple, and all things fairy and princess (although she does like playing with her brother’s toys too).

I’ve had some plain wooden star wands in my craft supplies for a while, but I’ve saved them for when my kids are better at crafting. I know that sounds really bad, and I need to control the perfectionist in me, particularly around the kids. It was time to just go with the flow and let my daughter create her own fairy wand (although I made one too, so I could get it just how I wanted!).

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We raided my craft room and grabbed pink paint, glitter glue, crystal embellishments and ribbon. Can you guess which one I made?

How to make a fairy wand (1)
(My model is not so willing these days!)

And which one had the best magic powers?

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Here’s what we did:

We started with plain wooden fairy wands. You could make your own with a a wooden or stiff cardboard and a piece of dowel or chopstick.

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First we painted it pink, and waited for the paint to dry. I used acrylic paint that I had on hand.

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Then it was time for embellishing – gluing on crystals on (unfortunately, these didn’t have flat backs, so we needed a lot of glue to get them to stay on!). I went with a nice pattern.

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My daughter went for a freestyle approach (just breathe, Mummy, it’s her fairy wand, let her make it how she wants!).

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Then we added some glitter glue (from a tube).

More time was spent waiting for the glue to dry. Thankfully she was patient!

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I cut strips of ribbons (in different shades of pink, of course!) and sealed the ends. I did this by lighting a candle a holding up the ribbon to the side of the candle until it starts to melt, keeping the candle well out of reach of little hands and blowing it out as soon as I was done!).

Then we glued ribbons to the back of the wand. If using printed ribbons, make sure the print is the right way.

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And there you have some pretty, magical fairy wands.

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What crafts have you made with your kids lately?


  1. Your fairy is very cute! Love the project too. Maybe a Halloween wizard would need one in black with orange ribbons?

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