Sewing Room Decorating Ideas

Since we moved into our apartment, my sewing room is so boring. White walls, white tables, white cupboards, cream floors – it needs a bit of something. It needs some personality. So I went on the hunt for some sewing room decor ideas. Something to inspire me to get sewing, and make me feel happy […]

Sew ready to play 2015

Sew ready to play is on again at I’m Feelin’ Crafty, and I’m happy that Louise invited me again to participate. This is my fifth year. The theme is sewing based on board games, and I haven’t run out of ideas yet! My first time participating was my UNO shorts (I was so sad when […]

How to sew a zip pouch {Tutorial}

A blissful afternoon for me is browsing the craft supplies at my local Spotlight (by myself!). I love finding new craft supplies, inspiring me to try a new projects. This week, I had a Spotlight gift voucher to spend and no particular project in mind. Should I try beading or jewellery-making? Maybe it’s time to […]

Heart Crafts

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and while we don’t celebrate it (except for me doing something silly like leaving this card on my husband’s placemat), I do have a soft spot for all things hearts. So in this heart-filled time of year, here’s some of my favourite heart craft ideas to knit, sew and crochet: […]

Sew a quick and easy cushion cover

It’s a New Year, and I’ve been in a craft funk (since my Advent calendar, actually). It’s time to get back onto the sewing bandwagon, starting with a simple project – cushion covers. We’ve recently made a few changes to our backyard, ripping down an old (asbestos-ridden) lean-to shed, and replacing it with decking and […]

Advent Calendar Craft-Along {Part 5}

Another week down and it’s time for an update on the Advent calendar craft-along. (See the introduction post here, or the last update here). I almost didn’t write an update this week. Up to this morning, I’d finished off the baubles from last week and made 3 strings of tinsel (from glitter pipe cleaners – […]

Advent Calendar Craft-Along {Part 4}

It’s time to see where I’m up to for the Advent Calendar Craft-Along. If you’re new, here are the posts so far: Part 1: Introduction and Ideas Part 2: Preparation and the Plan Part 3: The Tree and Pockets This week, I’ve been working on the decorations to put on the tree each day. I […]

Advent Calendar Craft-Along {Part 3}

Time for an update on the Advent Calendar Craft-Along (see the introduction and inspiration here, and the plan here). What was hoping to get done this week? Get the tree and pockets complete, buttons sewn on and the backing fabric edges bound. What did I actually get done? Sew the tree and pockets. I started […]

Advent Calendar Craft-Along: Preparation

This is Part 2 in the Advent Calendar Craft-Along. For more information and inspiration, read the introduction post here. The concept I’m making a felt Christmas tree, with little pockets below the tree. Each day, we’ll pull out a decoration from the pocket (and maybe a chocolate or two!) and hang it on a button […]

Advent Calendar Craft-Along: Ideas

For years, I’ve meant to make an advent calendar. I was first inspired by the Advent Calendar Sew-Along at Homemade By Jill in 2010 (!). To stop procrastinating, I’m hosting an Advent Calendar Craft-Along this November. It was originally planned a sew-along, but why limit it to just sewing. There’s a million and one ways to make an advent […]

Smocked Christmas Ornaments

I love a crafty challenge. It makes me think outside the box and test ideas that have been bouncing around in my head. Suddenly, I find myself making Christmas decorations in August! (And I apologise for making you think about that event – less than 4 months away, aagh!) Sarah Lauren and Fabric Fusion (two […]

How to sew laminated placemats

We recently bought a new dining table – a big Marri (hardwood) table that should last us an eternity. The previous table was a cheapy, bought second-hand. We didn’t really care about it, so we didn’t use placemats or tablecloths. Now that we’ve got one we want to look after, it was time to get […]

How to sew a foot stool {tutorial}

Before Christmas, I asked for help deciding what to sew my brother for Christmas from this fabric: It’s a broadcloth that I picked up from I ended up going with my first instinct, and made a foot stool (or pouf, or ottoman): I used black quilter’s cotton for the top and base and made […]

How to Keep the Hand-Towel off the Floor

Toilet training has provided plenty of parenting challenges in this house (and I’m definitely not qualified to give advice!), but things are progressing well and both kids do their business in the toilet/potty during the day. But every time I walk past their toilet, the hand towel is never on the holder. On the floor, […]

How to make a Ballerina Tutu Lampshade

Last week, I promised another tutu craft project. After painting Celeste’s room and finishing her butterfly quilt cover, I’m slowly adding more handmade touches to make it perfect for her. Next up is a combination of two of my tutorials, to create a Ballerina Tutu Lampshade: I started with an IKEA OLLSTA shade with a […]

Butterfly Quilt Cover

After making Jacob’s Planes, Trains and Automobiles quilt (doona/duvet…) cover, I had to make a quilt cover for Celeste when she moved into her big girl bed. She was in baby sleeping bags last year. I had to make it before winter so she’d have something to sleep under! I fell in love with the […]

Quilt as You Go Puff Quilt/Mat Tutorial

This post has been a long time in the making… I made this Puff Quilt Mat (using my own quilt as you go method) for my Mum as a Christmas present in 2011. I really procrastinated writing the tutorial for this. It was a fiddly project and when it was done, I didn’t want to […]

Quilt Block of the Month

Quilting is on my crafts to try list. I’ve dabbled with pot holders and small projects, but I’m intimidated by making a full quilt. So many decisions to make about fabric and designs – it gets a little overwhelming, plus finding time to complete a big project like this. When I saw the Quilt Block […]

Washable Bolster Pillows Tutorial

When Little Man moved into his big boy bed (nervous Mum started with a mattress on the floor), there was a gap between his bed and the wall due a column on the wall. Nervous Mum (bit of a theme here…) was worried that he’d slide down and get stuck, or worse, his cuddly flat […]

How to Recover a Lampshade Tutorial

My son has been in his big boy room for well over a year, and I still haven’t shared all the projects! For a refresher, I started with this transport-themed appliqued quilt (doona/duvet) cover, matching art work and fabric bookends:   Since I seem to like things matchy-matchy, I decided he needed a matching lampshade […]

How to Sew Fabric Basket Liners: Tutorial

Yesterday, I showed you my DIY Dinner Meal Kits. I used plastic baskets for the kits, but I wasn’t happy with just plain. So I made up some fabric baskets liners, with Velcro to attach my recipe cards to the front. You could find lots of other uses for these fabric-lined baskets: in the bathroom, […]

Booster Seat Revisited

The Big Boy Dining Chair Booster Seat has been in use for 6 months, so I thought I’d show how it was holding up and share the changes I’d make if I was doing it again. First, a refresher, here’s how it looked when I first made it: And here’s how it looks now: So […]

Big Boy Dining Chair Booster Seat

We needed to get the Little Man out of the high chair when Little Miss started solids, but our dining chairs look like this: The first time Little Man sat one of the chairs, he leaned back and freaked out when he didn’t get any back support, and refused to sit on a big boy […]

Pot-holders Part 3: The Gripping Conclusion

After my first woeful attempt at pot-holders, and my much more successful version for a swap, here is the lovely package of goodness that arrived in my letterbox: Such a pretty and different selection of pot-holder goodness. First we had the lovely Little Boy made by Bec (the wonderful organiser of the swap!), with a […]