Unicorn Free Motion Appliqué

My daughter needed some warm winter clothes, and I thought a cute hoodie sweater dress would do the trick. What do you do when it looks more like a pink Jedi robe than a cute dress? Ask your Instagram and Facebook followers what to do, of course. Thankfully, my problem solving social media friends (you […]

Pedal for Pink Cycling Jersey

My darling husband is a MAMIL (Middle-Aged Man In Lycra). You’ll find him on the streets of Perth most mornings on his bike, in figure-hugging attire. It’s a hard thing to take, but is healthier than spending the evenings at the pub. I’ve learned to live with it! One of his cycling mate’s wife was […]

How to sew a mermaid tail {Tutorial}

Celeste loves all things Disney princess (and well, I love a good princess movie too, so she may get encouragement from me). She got a box set of The Little Mermaid movies for Christmas (along with a Barbie Mermaid DVD). She swims like a mermaid, so when I spotted fish scales fabric at the counter […]

How to Quickly Sew a Tulle Tutu

I love sewing tutus. The previous tutus I’ve sewn have used organza, and I was curious how the tutus would go when made with rolls of tulle (usually about 6 inches wide), that’s popular with the no sew tutus. And the verdict is, you can make a very cute, fluffy tulle tutu in under an […]

Heart Crafts

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and while we don’t celebrate it (except for me doing something silly like leaving this card on my husband’s placemat), I do have a soft spot for all things hearts. So in this heart-filled time of year, here’s some of my favourite heart craft ideas to knit, sew and crochet: […]

Queen of Hearts Dress

I originally shared this Queen of Hearts Dress Tutorial as I’m Feelin’ Crafty for Sew Ready To Play. Since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, it’s time to share it here too. I love how this dress turned out, and seeing my daughter in red for a change! I’ve had so much fun in past […]

22 Gorgeous Dolls to knit, sew or crochet

Christmas is right around the corner, but I’ve still got time to make a present or two. With two small nieces and a girl of my own, a handmade doll or two are sure to be a winner. There are so many cute patterns for dolls to knit, sew or crochet. Today I’m sharing the […]

How to sew a Toy Blood Pressure Cuff

Last week I showed you my felt medical kit, but I felt there was something missing from the kit. Just about every time I go to the doctor’s, I have my blood pressure taken. A toy blood pressure cuff was definitely needed. I sized it so that the strap would fit around my arm as […]

Felt Doctor’s Kit

It’s more than a month since my daughter’s birthday and I still haven’t shared with you all the presents I made. Next up was an addition to the dress-ups/pretend play box: A felt doctor’s bag. And here’s what’s inside: There was also a light reflector for the doctor’s head, but I have no idea what […]

Woooie Hobby Horse/Unicorn

A few months ago, my almost 4yo daughter started “riding” random items around the house like a horse. Looks like this girl needed a hobby horse! A quick Google search found two hobby horse patterns: the Woooie from WhimsyWoo and the Wish for a Pony pattern from Just Bananas for Toys. I asked my Facebook […]

Elsa Rag Doll

I swear this is my last Frozen post for a while (forever?). We’ve finished with the party and now we’re on to the presents. I’ve wanted to make a rag doll for my daughter for a while and bought the e-book My Rag Doll for inspiration. I was going to make the Ballerina doll, but […]

Elsa party dress

The Frozen party blog posts continue… Next up is the Elsa party dress. My daughter already has an Elsa costume, but I wanted a fun dress for her to wear to her party. My plan was for it to be an everyday dress, but it ended a more dressy than I intended – oops. That […]

How to Sew a Quick Elsa Cape

For my daughter’s Frozen party, I loved the idea of all the girls dressing up as Elsa. But I didn’t have the time (or energy) to make Elsa costumes for them all. Instead, I had the idea for a simple Elsa Cape – a quick sewing project and something fun for the girls to take […]

Sew Ready to Play 2014

Sew Ready to Play is on again at I’m Feelin’ Crafty, and Louise kindly invited me to participate again. It’s a month of sewing projects based on games. This year was a struggle for inspiration, but when I finally decided on a game for inspiration, the project came together quickly (actually, because I left it […]

Frozen-inspired Elsa Costume {Tutorial}

I promised Celeste I’d sew her an Elsa costume (and boy, did she nag me until I got it done!). So here it is: Kids costumes are often difficult for kids to put on by themselves. Being the lazy parent that I am, I went with a shirred back for the dress (similar to my […]

How to Sew Butterfly Hair clips

Do all little girls like butterflies? Or is it just me that’s obsessed with them? My niece’s birthday was this week, so of course I had to make her a present. I wasn’t feeling too original or creative, so I went with the same present I made for a one of my son’s friends last […]

35+ Disney Frozen Crafts

Disney’s Frozen has to be the best princess movie. The storyline, the songs, Olaf, the relationship between Anna and Elsa, everything about it is wonderful. It’s one of those movies that I can watch over and over again (I wish I had the time!). And of course, the movie also inspires me to craft. I […]

How to Sew a Doll’s Mattress

It’s been a little while since I shared the bedding set I made for my daughter’s doll cot. Now it’s time for the tutorials for each part, starting with the little mattress. I used a foam cushion insert, cut down to size, and a plain pink quilter’s cotton. I made bias tape from some of […]

How to Sew a Stuffed Snail {Tutorial}

Funny how fast a year goes. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was making a simple skirt and magnetic paper dolls for one of Celeste’s friend’s birthday. Suddenly it’s time to make her another birthday present. This year, the theme of her party was snails (and her Mum did an amazing job with […]

Doll’s Cradle Bedding Set

When I was little , my grandfather made this wooden doll’s cradle: His hobby in retirement was making wooden toys for charity. We were encouraged to donate the toys he made us when we grew out of them (which is a shame because he made the best rocking elephants!). My brother kept a large truck […]

Roses are red…

But sometimes they’re yellow: Hmmm, not sure where this attempt at poetry is going. I think I’ll quit while I’m ahead! A little late for Valentine’s Day, I’m sharing a tutorial for how to sew a fabric rose at And Sew We Craft. I’m now a monthly contributor there, so head back regularly to see […]

Sparkly Christmas “Shir” Dress

A while back, when shopping in my Spotlight, Celeste fell in love with this glittery Christmas tree fabric: I must have been in a “keep the child happy, so I can buy more fabric” mood, the bolt ended up in the trolley, thinking it would make a cute Christmas dress. I bought some red dance […]

Handbag and Hairclips

My kids have hit the age where the number of birthday party invites is increasing. Last weekend, the party was for a girl from Jacob’s kindy. Two days before the party, I hit panic stations, wondering if I’d have to head to the shops. Luckily, my husband had a boy’s night out planned – a […]

Birthday Dress for a 3yo

Celeste turned 3 a few weeks ago (yes, I’m a little behind with my blogging!). Her birthday was on a Friday and on the Monday before, I suddenly realised I hadn’t made her a birthday dress. Aaagh! I can’t not make her a birthday dress! I sorted through my patterns and Ottobre Design magazines, looking […]