How to sew a Mr Men Costume

Book Week is a big thing in Australia.  Each year, schools and public libraries spend a week celebrating books and Australian authors and illustrators, supported by the Children’s Book Council of Australia. Lots of schools have a dress-up day and parade for the kids. My school hasn’t for the last few years (such a disappointment […]

Baby Boy Gift Set

I previously shared a tutorial for how to sew a baby bib with a pocket, which I made for my nephew. A baby bib wasn’t a good enough gift though, so today I’m sharing the other presents I made for this baby boy. I ended up making two bibs, one with train fabric leftover from […]

Sew a Baby Bib with Catcher Pocket

It’s baby month at And Sew We Craft. My sister-in-law is pregnant with child no 3, so this was the perfect alignment of the stars to get me sewing. Today I’m sharing a tutorial for how to sew a baby bib with a catcher pocket: Head over to And Sew We Craft for the full […]

How to Sew a Stuffed Snail {Tutorial}

Funny how fast a year goes. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was making a simple skirt and magnetic paper dolls for one of Celeste’s friend’s birthday. Suddenly it’s time to make her another birthday present. This year, the theme of her party was snails (and her Mum did an amazing job with […]

Baby Shower Gift: Flat Teddy Tutorial and Pattern

Abby from Things for Boys is due to have baby number 2 soon, and Laura from Craftstorming had the great idea to throw a virtual baby shower. And today’s the big day (hopefully my gift arrived in time!). When I first got the email from Laura, I knew exactly what I was going to make: […]

Sweet Mermaiden

The mermaiden pattern has been on my list of projects since the book Wee Wonderfuls was released. After making the felt cake for my niece, I had to sew something for her baby sister too. Mermaiden looked like a fun and easy sewing project. I used wool blanketing fabric for her hair (which I’d bought […]

Ruffled Wraparound Toddler Dress

My baby girl turned one last week, and a birthday girl needs a party dress (which has been sadly lacking in her wardrobe to date). I searched the blogosphere for the perfect party dress, and couldn’t find anything just right. A quick search on Pinterest  uncovered the Madelyn Dress from gtz photography, but it was […]

Baby Pyjamas

I’m not sure if this fits in the “Oh my, what was she thinking?” category or not? I guess I’ll find out from my kids when they grow up! During Kids Clothes Week this year, I made Little Man some pyjamas (or is that pajamas?) with this Lion Sleeps Tonight flannel fabric. Well, when I […]

Baby Tunics

Five of my friends had baby girls late last year or early this year. After my fairly average attempt at a Snappy Toddler Dress that didn’t make a gift standard, I decided to revert to my old favourite source of patterns: Ottobre Design magazine. This time, the pattern was Janonheina (No 2 from Autumn 4/2010) […]

Snappy Toddler Dress

I finally got around to sorting through the thousands of photos I’ve taken of the kids this year to send off to the grandparents, and found photos of so many crafty projects (and a few recipes) that I haven’t shared. Time to pause the crafting and get typing! The Snappy Toddler Dress from Prudent Baby […]

Baby Sleeping Bag

So my first round craft for So You Think You’re Crafty wasn’t the most exciting and complicated of projects (Did you see the Quiet Book? Wow!), but it was something we really needed. Putting on a sleeping bag is a great signal to a baby that it’s time to sleep (Doesn’t she look like she’s […]

Baby Overalls

Who can resist a cute baby in a pair of overalls? The last item I managed to make during Kids Clothes Week was a pair of overalls for Little Miss (and the only thing I managed to sew for her). Once again, the pattern was from Ottobre Design – Pupu (No 4) from 4/2010. I’d […]

Ooshka Babushka

When my little girl was born, my BFF decided to buy a present for both Mum and bub (Thanks Cat!): An Ooshka Babushka kit from The Red Thread The kit includes a pretty fabric face panel as well as instructions/templates for appliqueing your own face. It is a very cute and simple project, and was […]

Newborn Going Home Outfit

Two days before the early arrival of Baby Celeste, I decided I absolutely had to make her going home outfit. Luckily, sewing for babies is so quick and I finished in the nick of time (sewing through what I thought were Braxton Hicks contractions, but were probably real ones!). Knowing that bub was going to […]

90 Minute Shirt

I found the Dana Made It blog during Celebrate the Boy month in February, and was inspired by many of the projects there. I’m sure quite a few of them will be appearing here over the next few months and years. The first project I decided to try out was the 90 Minute Shirt (check […]

Tutorial: Baby Kimono Top

When searching for an outfit to make for a friend’s baby, I came across this very cute baby kimono pattern at the Martha Stewart website. I loved putting kimono-style rompers on my son when he was a bub as you don’t have to worry about pulling anything over his head (which was always a challenge). […]