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Baby Pyjamas

I’m not sure if this fits in the “Oh my, what was she thinking?” category or not? I guess I’ll find out from my kids when they grow up! During Kids Clothes Week this year, I made Little Man some pyjamas (or is that pajamas?) with this Lion Sleeps Tonight flannel fabric.

Well, when I bought that fabric, I couldn’t resist the same print but in girly pastel colours for Little Miss. It took me a while, but I finally got around to making her pyjamas too.


The flannel was bought at Spotlight Australia. I found the pink fabric at a thrift store. I think it’s a stretch polyester with a lovely bouquet motif that you can see better in the photo below. The dusty pink ribbing was also a thrift store find. I used a pattern from Ottobre Design for the envelope T-shirt and self-drafted a simple pants pattern using an existing pair of pants, with ribbing on the legs to match Little Man’s.


So I’ve done something I never thought I’d do: dressed my son and daughter in matching outfits (although it’s only PJs so not as shocking). Here are the little darlings on our last holiday. We caught the Spirit of the Outback train from Brisbane to Longreach – a 24 hour journey (which went surprisingly well!).


I love that they match without being obviously matchy-matchy. Do you dress your kids in matching outfits? Am I heading down a slippery slope where my kids will be embarrassed by the way I dressed them?


  1. I did occasionally dress my kids in matching outfits, especially for formal photos. As young adults they might see a photo and say ‘I remember those shirts’ or something like that. No one seems scarred by it. 😉

  2. I love the huge smiles on their faces! 🙂 I rarely buy my boys matching outfits, but will occasionally buy coordinating ones. Most of the time, though, I buy outfits that I feel fit their personality. 🙂 For nice pictures, though, I do like to do something coordinating.

  3. You’ve probably heard this 100 times, but enjoy every single moment of your little beauties. They grow up so fast! I’ve noticed that in almost every photo, some part of your little girl is always in motion. It makes me smile. : )

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