Scotch® Expressions Tape Giveaway

Last Friday, I showed you my “Make It Amazing” Handbag, made with Scotch® Expressions Tape and a cardboard cereal box. I made it to promote the Make It Amazing competition, where you can win an iPad Mini be creating with Scotch® Expressions Tape. Are you unable to enter because you haven’t yet bought up big […]

Make It Amazing Handbag Tutorial

I love trying new craft products, so you can imagine my excitement when this box of goodies arrived at my door: Scotch® Australia and New Zealand are hosting the Make It Amazing competition (with a chance to win an iPad Mini by creating with Scotch® Expressions Tape). The pack I received was very girly – […]

Fabric 2013 Printable Monthly Planner

It’s a bit late for a 2013 printable monthly planner, but if you used mine from last year, I thought you might appreciate this (late) gift! I created two separate files – one for if you want to create a booklet with two-sided printing (for information in the tutorial below), and one if you just […]

Giggle Mobile Tutorial

Here’s the tutorial I shared at the Train to Crazy for the Handmade Dress-Up Series: The Giggle Mobile is the amazing car/hovercraft/plane/submarine driven by Jimmy Giggle and Hoot the Owl (the hosts of ABC2 – the kids’ TV channel here in Australia). For those with blank looks, here’s the song: Not only is my son […]

Cardboard Rocket Tutorial

Spaceman Trevor (yes, that’s the doll’s name!) waits nervously before his first mission with International Rescue as the mechanical crew prepares his rocket for launch. He wears his new spacesuit and protectively pats his helmet. Spaceman Trevor is buckled into his pod and reviews the control panel – so familiar from his extensive training program. […]