16 Sneaky Spots to hide Christmas Gifts

Christmas is just around the corner. Whether you’re organised and already have a collection of Christmas presents, or you like to leave shopping to the last minute, you need to keep those presents out of sight. Whether it’s nosey kids or a prying partner, don’t spoil the magic of Christmas by making your gifts too […]

Backwards Menu Planning (for those who hate to menu plan)

Do you look at menu planning systems and printables and wonder why can’t I get my act together and menu plan? I’m a pretty organised, logical person, but I just can’t get it together to menu plan. I have a nice, organised shopping list, but the thought of sitting down with the recipes books and […]

How to create a morning routine that works!

When I was in high school, I had a finely-tuned morning routine. My goal was to sleep as late as possible, but still get to school on time. I’d get out of bed at 8:10am, and be in the classroom door when the siren went at 8:50am (I was lucky have a 10 minute walk […]

Play Room Hypocrite

I’m a hypocrite! I’m constantly telling my kids to tidy up the play area and their bedrooms, but my play area (aka craft/sewing room) is a disaster. Can you relate? Yesterday, the kids had to tidy up before they could have screen time. Both kids were complaining the mess was too much for them, begging […]

Organising and Displaying Kids’ Artwork

What do you do with your kids’ artwork when it comes home from school, playgroup or that you’ve made at home? Is it piling up on your dining room table? Do you stick it to your fridge? I don’t remember what happened to my arts and crafts when I was a kid. I don’t think […]

The Ultimate Guide to Lego Storage

Lego is one of those toys that everyone loves. You remember the fun you had as a kid, building all sorts of things and you want to share that fun with your children. You start out with one of two sets, maybe you keep them separately in their original boxes or another storage container. Then […]

Letting go of kitchen clutter

After tidying my baking and muffin trays drawer, I’ve agonised over my other kitchen drawers. Every time I open the crockery drawer, I notice that we own a lot of bowls: All different types of bowls – pasta, soup, breakfast, noodles – we have different bowls for all of them. Which is ridiculous, I know. […]

How to organize baking and muffin trays

I recently headed into the kitchen to make baked donuts. On opening my drawer of baking trays and muffin pans, I realised the donut pan was right at the bottom. I hate digging around in drawers to find the right pan. Something had to be done! A trip to IKEA was required (OK, it was […]

Front Entrance Hall Organisation

Last week, I lamented that I wasn’t really treating my homemaking like an engineer should. I was probably being a bit hard on myself, and looking around the house, I realised I never shared my entrance hall organisation (maybe because I’ve never got around to prettying in up!). Let’s start with what my entrance hall […]

Tools for the Modern Domestic Engineer?

A while ago, I came up with the tag line for Cook Clean Craft "Tools for the Modern Domestic Engineer". I loved it as it captures my background as a chemical engineer and the in-jokes about housework engineers have. But the more I think about it, the more I realise this blog doesn’t live up […]

How to Make A Reusable Grocery List

I hate waste. Writing a grocery list each week, just to throw it out and then writing out the same thing the next week – it just doesn’t seem efficient. So I made a reusable grocery list: The list includes things I regularly buy and space to add one-off items. It’s ordered in the layout […]

Tips for Camping Organization

Last week was a great chance to grab the camping gear and head to Esperance (in south Western Australia) for a family holiday – a last trip away before the Christmas craziness begins in earnest. The weather’s warming up but school’s still in, so not too many people around – perfect to enjoy scenery like […]

Post-Holiday Clean Up and Organisation

We got back on Sunday from a wonderful, week-long camping trip to Monkey Mia and Kalbarri. It was a great family trip, filled with moments like these: But this isn’t a happy-snappy post-holiday slideshow. Nope, it’s about the downside of holidays – cleaning up and getting organised when you get back home. I once read […]

Personal Planner Review and Giveaway

I’ve been trying to get more organised this year (ha! the usual story). With a kid going to kindy 5 days a fortnight, swimming lessons, playgroup and other activities, on top of the usual household chores and blogging, there’s a lot to get done each day. I’ve tried online and smart-phone to-do lists, but haven’t […]

The Great 2013 Cookbook Challenge

My fridge hasn’t been working well lately, so I had to defrost it – what a boring job. While I was at it, I pulled it out of its cubby hole to clean the back. I then discovered the shelf above (with all my cookbooks) had bowed and I couldn’t get the fridge back in. […]

Craft/Office Desk Organization

When I saw the first challenge for the New Year’s Organizing Revolution (via I’m an Organizing Junkie) was offices, it was just the motivation I needed to get the desk side of my craft room in order, which has gradually descended into chaos. Let’s start with the before photos: So what’s wrong with these pictures: […]

Fabric 2013 Printable Monthly Planner

It’s a bit late for a 2013 printable monthly planner, but if you used mine from last year, I thought you might appreciate this (late) gift! I created two separate files – one for if you want to create a booklet with two-sided printing (for information in the tutorial below), and one if you just […]

Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year! I hope your New Year’s Eve was more exciting than mine. The joys of knowing that two small kids will wake you up early meant that we didn’t bother staying up to midnight. We did enjoy a nice bottle of sparkling wine after the kids went to bed though. If Day 1 […]

Spice Drawer Organization

The first time we went house-hunting, I fell in love with a house that had a spice drawer in the kitchen. Just a shallow drawer with all the spice jars laying down, gorgeously organised – functional and pretty. We didn’t buy that house but I still remember that wonderful drawer! When we moved into our […]

In-Drawer Plastic Bag Holder

I started with the very classy plastic bag filled with lots of plastic bags. I then moved on to fabric bag holders. You know the type – long cylinders with drawstrings that you stuff bags in the top and pull out at the bottom. But something about them always annoyed me. They’re too squishy, they […]

Free Printable: 2012 Monthly Planner

This may be a little late, but I’ve put together a monthly planner. I’m using this planner as my blog editorial calendar and as a place to jot down goals, ideas and tasks. I’m using it primarily to keep my blogging on track, but you could use it for menu planning, as an ordinary calendar. […]

How to Sew Fabric Basket Liners: Tutorial

Yesterday, I showed you my DIY Dinner Meal Kits. I used plastic baskets for the kits, but I wasn’t happy with just plain. So I made up some fabric baskets liners, with Velcro to attach my recipe cards to the front. You could find lots of other uses for these fabric-lined baskets: in the bathroom, […]

DIY Dinner Kits

I wish I was better at menu planning, but I  haven’t found the right system for me yet. Some weeks, I’m organised and it all goes well, and other weeks, I have no idea what we’ll have for dinner each night (except Fridays – that’s pizza night!). Even when I have planned out my menus […]

Pantry Meal Kits

I’m guest posting today at the CSI Project for their Pantries, Closets, & Cupboards week. Head over to see the full tutorial for my Pantry Meal Kits, with cute fabric basket liners.