Play Room Hypocrite

I’m a hypocrite! I’m constantly telling my kids to tidy up the play area and their bedrooms, but my play area (aka craft/sewing room) is a disaster. Can you relate? Yesterday, the kids had to tidy up before they could have screen time. Both kids were complaining the mess was too much for them, begging […]

Clean out the sunscreen

Some of you are heading into summer and others (like me!) are hibernating for winter. Either way, it’s a good time to sort through your sunscreen collection. The other night when my kids were having a bath, The kids were playing nicely and I was feeling a bit bored, so why not take the opportunity […]

How to Declutter Cookbooks (Cookbook Challenge)

Time for a progress update on my Great Cookbook Challenge. I set myself the challenge to cook 3 things from each of the cookbooks by the end of the year. Any unused cookbooks will be donated to charity. I cleared off my cookbook shelf in the kitchen (which only stored a few of my 54 […]

Project Simplify: Paper Clutter

As I mentioned in my ramblings yesterday, the hot spot for this week for Project: Simplify at Simple Mom was paper clutter. This was just the motivation I needed to get my paperwork in order. Here are three areas I decided to tackle: Entrance Hall Drop Zone Study    Cardboard Collection in the Playroom The […]

How to prevent clothes living on the tallboy

Clothes always used to appear on top of the tall boy (chest of drawers) in our bedroom. It was my husband’s preferred location to drape his trousers after work, although hardly-worn T-shirts and other clothes would also appear on top (and not all due to my husband, to be honest). Clothes hanging over the edge […]

Time to Sort my Clothes

The time has come. My belly has grown to the point where it’s started to either poke out of or dig into my clothes. I’m sick of opening my tops drawer only to see tops that I no longer look decent in, and the couple of maternity tops that have made it into the drawer […]