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Clean out the sunscreen

Some of you are heading into summer and others (like me!) are hibernating for winter. Either way, it’s a good time to sort through your sunscreen collection.


The other night when my kids were having a bath, The kids were playing nicely and I was feeling a bit bored, so why not take the opportunity to declutter. I looked through the cupboards in the family bathroom for something to get rid of. 

Clean out the sunscreen (8)

This bathroom is just for the kids. Being 5 and 3, they don’t have a lot of stuff (although my daughter’s collection of hair accessories is growing). Most of the drawers are empty, and our family sunscreen collection was in one of the cupboards (along with other bits and bobs). We have a LOT of sunscreen. We forget to pack it when we go away, and since the kids have inherited my lily-white skin, sunscreen is a must. Another bottle gets bought and makes its way back to this cupboard.

Did you know sunscreen has a best before date? Looking at our bottles, some of the best before dates were ummm, just a little out of date:

Clean out the sunscreen (1)

I don’t mind using products that are a little out of date, but 2008? Really? We’ve moved house three times since then. Why have I been lugging this around?

After going through all the bottles, this collection were all out of date:

Clean out the sunscreen (2)

Obviously, we have no brand loyalty when it comes to sunscreen!

That wasn’t all the sunscreen we had either. There’s still a couple of bottles good to use.

And off topic, I also found a potty stuffed in the back of the cupboard (that we’ve never used), and a chipped toothbrush holder (with holes too small for the kids toothbrushes). Two more items of clutter to go!

Clean out the sunscreen (7)

So today’s random thing to clean is your sunscreen (and add it to your shopping list, if needed). If you don’t have any out-of-date sunscreen, what other surprises are lurking in your bathroom cupboard?

When was the last time you checked your sunscreen best-before dates?

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  1. I just did this the other day! I don’t know if mine went back to 2008, but there was 2010! And why did I do it? Because while we were at the beach we unknowingly used expired sunscreen and got burnt! So when I came home, I did the same thing and was shocked by how long some of that had been in there!! Crazy!

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