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How to prevent clothes living on the tallboy

Clothes always used to appear on top of the tall boy (chest of drawers) in our bedroom. It was my husband’s preferred location to drape his trousers after work, although hardly-worn T-shirts and other clothes would also appear on top (and not all due to my husband, to be honest). Clothes hanging over the edge would get caught in the drawers, and I just hated the sense of clutter.

I’d tried in the past to nag my husband into hanging up and putting his clothes away properly, but funnily enough, that didn’t seem to work. There had to be a better way. This is what I came up with:

I draped shell leis around the top, which were actually given to us to welcome us to the lovely island in Fiji where we spent our honeymoon. Oh the memories! In the centre are two little teddy bear figurines that my Mum gave us (I’m not sure when…), and if you look closely, in between the two teddies is a cork from a bottle of Dom Perignon that we got for a bargain price on a cruise holiday (another happy memory!).

Since this rather simple lot of decorating, no clothes have appeared up there. I think the shell leis around the edge were the key. OK, clothes end up on the floor in the bedroom, but they seem to spend less time there, and I’ve created a little happy memory area, which I love. Maybe on our next big holiday, I’ll find a groovy vase or statue to add to my collection!

How do you stop clothes from piling up in the bedroom? Let me know in the comments.


  1. I actually got so desperate that I took a very decorative towel bar (with hooks on either end) and hung it on a thin wall in our bedroom. It’s great for tossing clothes on, and doubles as a place to hold hangers while I’m putting away the laundry.

  2. We would need a tallboy first! My hubby’s clothes (oh ok & mine) end up on the floor & in hubby’s case in the dining room – for some reason he keeps shoes there & jackets draped over chairs… now that is frustrating!

  3. So, I either need to get a tallboy or a maid . . . .

    I like your solution! Do you think if I decorated the floor, my husband would keep his clothes off of it? :0)

    Stopping by from SITS.

    ~Jen @ ourfinehouse

  4. Oh wow! Great idea : )
    Anything that makes our lives less clutter filled makes me happy as can be! : )

  5. This makes me giggle. 🙂 We have the same problem! I recently got Hubby to clear off his half of the dresser top by clearing off MY half. He walked in to see the gleaming, clutter-free top, said “Wow!” and then cleared off his side within minutes. No nagging necessary. 🙂

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