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Project Simplify: Paper Clutter

As I mentioned in my ramblings yesterday, the hot spot for this week for Project: Simplify at Simple Mom was paper clutter. This was just the motivation I needed to get my paperwork in order. Here are three areas I decided to tackle:


Entrance Hall Drop Zone



image   image

Cardboard Collection in the Playroom

The study is the most disorganised room in our house (except for maybe my craft room, but that’s a happy mess). I’m in charge of recording our finances and filing the paperwork, and that’s been low on the priority list since Little Miss came along (and in fact, records for one account were more than a year out of date). I was determined this week to chip away at the filing and updating our financial records. I stole moments during nap times and when I could get Little Man to play on an old computer, and here’s the result:


Most of the accounts are up-t0-date, with a small pile still to be processed. I’ve got rid of the index folder (that was really useful, but has just been hiding stuff that I should be dealing with). It even had a section for recipes to try – really useful in an upstairs study with kitchen downstairs! There’s another similar-sized pile of things still to sort out, but it feels much more manageable.


I sorted and process the paper in our drop zone. One of the things that annoys me is the way the folders gape open, so I added a few hook and eye dots to keep them closed.

image image

The drop zone still doesn’t look great. I’ll pretty it up and coordinate the folders one of these days.


I culled the cardboard boxes in the playroom. The goal was to only have boxes stored under the table, but I couldn’t cull that much. Hopefully Hubby appreciates the efforts anyway, since the boxes were starting to annoy him. I’ve got a few ideas of toys I want to make, but it’s another thing I’m not quite finding time for.

Thanks Simple Mom for motivating me to do this. I feel so much better knowing one area of  my home management is almost under control… Can’t wait see what the next hot spot is!


  1. Hmmm organising, not my fave thing to do! but good on you! great effort.
    I have 3 boxes of cookbooks that i need to find a small bookcase for, till then they are stored next to my computer and i’m ok with that 🙂

  2. hey! i just found your blog through SITS! as soon as i saw “cook, clean, craft” I was thinking like.. wow. I leave one of those out regularly. i need to clean! 🙂 thanks for the reminder girl!

    come and see me at

  3. Thanks for stopping by! Ugh PAPER! It’s EVERYWHERE!!! 🙂 And I LOVE the fabric book ends! Super cute! Happy weekend!!

    -Jess @ Our Side of Paradise

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