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How to organize baking and muffin trays

I recently headed into the kitchen to make baked donuts. On opening my drawer of baking trays and muffin pans, I realised the donut pan was right at the bottom. I hate digging around in drawers to find the right pan.

Something had to be done!

A trip to IKEA was required (OK, it was getting close to lunchtime and I was looking for an excuse to eat Swedish meatballs).

The Variera pot lid organiser was just what I needed (at the bargain price of $7.95 here):


The width of the gaps is adjustable, and it was easy to get just the right size for my muffin pans and baking tins. And now my drawer looks like this:

How to organize baking and muffin trays (1)

Everything is easy to get to, with just couple of cake pans (and usually two more bread tins) stacked on the sides.

How to organize baking and muffin trays (2)

No more having to pull everything out to before I get baking.

But I still have made those baked donuts!

How do you organise your muffin trays?