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Front Entrance Hall Organisation

Last week, I lamented that I wasn’t really treating my homemaking like an engineer should. I was probably being a bit hard on myself, and looking around the house, I realised I never shared my entrance hall organisation (maybe because I’ve never got around to prettying in up!).

Front Entrance Organisation

Let’s start with what my entrance hall used to look like:

Front Entrance Hall Organisation (2)

Basically, a big pile of shoes, a box of socks and random bags and whatever thrown on top. This was from when we lived in Brisbane – we had a two storey house with bedrooms upstairs. Going up and down stairs to get or put away shoes was just way too much effort. Everything just piled up at the front door. I knew this was only going to get worse when the kids started school, and school bags were added to the pile. I also had nowhere to put my handbag, so that usually ended up on the dining room table.

What I wanted was a spot for each of us to put our shoes (and socks), a spot for bags and somewhere to hang hats and jackets . It needed to be accessible to our 5 and 3 year olds. And I didn’t want to spend too much money! So this is what I came up with:

Front Entrance Hall Organisation (3)

The shelves are an IKEA Besta shelf unit with an Inreda Drawer and Besta Vara drawer front. I played around with the shelf heights until I got the right layout.

Front Entrance Hall Organisation (4)

Two ClosetMaid fabric cubes fitted perfectly and is the perfect dumping spot for the kids’ shoes. I started with shelves for them, but their shoes kept getting “lost” down the back and mixed up. This works much better.

My husband’s work bag gets stuffed down the side, next to an Ikea Fniss basket for our umbrellas.

Front Entrance Hall Organisation (6)

School bags and my handbag live on the other side. It’s a little tight, and my handbag will probably get kicked when Celeste gets a bigger school bag, but it’s good for now.

Front Entrance Hall Organisation (7)

I stuck a couple of Command Adhesive hooks on the end for the kid’s hats in summer and jackets in winter. Their raincoats are on two hooks that the previous owners had on the wall. I’d like a more stylish row of hooks, but haven’t got around to that yet!

Front Entrance Hall Organisation (1)

I try to avoid leaving stuff on that nice, clean surface on the top, but it’s one of those places that accumulates junk. For now, I try to tidy every week or so, so the clutter doesn’t build.

So that’s how I organise my front entrance hall. I’d like to pretty it up a bit, but I’m not sure what to do. I thought about stencils or maybe mod podging something to the top or the drawer front. What are your thoughts?

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