Finding meaning in the cleaning

Cleaning your home is relentless. There’s always another job to do. There’s always another mess to tidy up, clothes to wash, or stray items to pack away. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and disheartened. You start to wonder why you even bother.

Then you get down on yourself. Other people can manage to keep a tidy home, why is it always such a struggle for me?

While I was reading the book “Are You Fully Charged?” by Tom Rath (affiliate link), I realised my attitude was holding me back.

The work you do every day is how you make a difference in the world

from “Are You Fully Charged”, by Tom Rath

People who are fully charged in life, with the most energy and happiness, find meaning in the small things (and this flows on to the big things).

That got me thinking… What is the meaning in the cleaning? Why do I spend my time cleaning my house? How could I attach more meaning to the everyday tasks I do (over and over and over).

Housework can feel like a relentless, never-ending battle. Here's how I found meaning in the cleaning, making me happy to do the housework.

What is the meaning in the cleaning?

What am I trying to create when I’m cleaning my home? What is my end goal?

  1. A clean home is a healthy home. I don’t want my family and friends getting sick because my home isn’t clean, whether that’s mould and dust triggering asthma, or a dirty toilet causing gastro.
  2. A clean home is a safe home. Tidying up and putting things away prevents my family from getting hurt, from tripping over toys to
  3. A clean home is a welcoming home. I don’t know anyone who enjoys being in a dirty, dusty, cluttered space. A clean and tidy home is more welcoming to friends and family.
  4. A clean home is a functional home. When the kitchen is clean, it’s easier to cook. When the paper-work is filed, it’s easier to find the document you need. When the beds are made, it’s easier to snuggle up at night. Keeping order makes it easier for everyone to get things done, reducing stress and tension. When stress and tension is reduced, relationships are better and people are happier.

Ultimately, cleaning the house is all about creating a safe, healthy, relaxed and happy place to be, for myself, for my family and for my friends. It’s a way I care for my family. If I focus on that meaning, I feel happier getting my chores done.

Homemaking doesn’t have to feel relentless and never-ending if you just focus on the meaning in the cleaning, and understand how it makes a difference to your world.

What is the meaning for you in your everyday tasks? What motivates you to keep cleaning?