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Geometric T-Shirt

Next up for Boy’s Own Style month is a quick T-shirt up-cycle.

As with Stacey’s colour-blocked T-shirts yesterday, simplicity works well with boy’s clothing. So I took a plain red T-shirt (with my strawberry-blonde hair, I can’t wear most shades of red, so I love putting it on my white-blonde kids!):


I cut out some simple, geometric shapes from felt, arranged them on the T-shirt (then rearranged and rearranged – I can make simple complicated sometimes!), and sewed them on:


I was feeling lazy, so I used spray adhesive to keep the shapes in position, and I didn’t feel like changing my thread so I picked a red thread to match the T-shirt (a brave move, since my applique skills are far from perfect).


But good enough for me (and won’t be noticed by a 3 year old boy!).

A quick and easy way to personalise a boy’s (or girl’s) T-shirt! What shapes or designs do you like for appliqueing on boy’s T-shirts?